Life Mel Honey

Hi just wondered if anyone else saw Dr Steele on This Morning last week recommending Life Mel Honey. ( Apparently if you take two spoonfulls a day it can bring your heomogloblin (cant be bothered to find dictionary) levels back to normal very quickly to help cope better with each chemo session. It’s not cheap at £40 a pot but sounds promising from the testimonials.
Would love to hear others comments.
I am new to the site and after lumpectomy am due for my second epi this Thurdsay (26/07). Have had no side effects what so ever other than thinning hair. Am doing the Plant Programme and wondering if anyone else is also doing it. Am I just lucky or is the programme helping ?? Again would love to hear others comments on any of the above.
I have trawled through this site many times and always found the answers to my many quesitons so although I have not had a discussion before would just like to say thank you to everyone who has answered all the topics.
Many thanks to you all
take care

Hi Ali,

thanks for that, I missed the show all the goodness knows why as I’m the queen of daytime tv these days!!

I’m curious, what is the ‘Plant Programme’?


Had not heard of this before. This is a report that indicates that it might well be useful:

This exchange is also interesting:

The Jane Plant programme - google Jane Plant for more information.

Thanks phoebe,


Hi Kelly,
I picked up the Jane Plant book from the Library the day after I got diagnosed. Found it very interesting reading and thought what the hell why not give it a go. I have been doing it for 3 weeks now and feel great. I am due my 2nd chemo tomorrow and so far have had no side effects accept a few headaches although my hair is thinning. Dont know if its down to luck or the programme but it cant do my any harm so I’ll continue with it.
If you want to know any more just let me know.
Still waiting to receive my Lifemel Honey.