Lift Share Beatson Alloa Area October/November?

Hello everyone,

Is anyone due to go  to the Beatson from Forth Valley area starting end October/November and interested in sharing some lifts with me (appointment times allowing)?

I dont have my rads start date yet, but will be having 19 sessions, and would love some company,  also save the planet plus a bit of dosh and split the fuel cost (about £8 per trip) .

My car is smoke and air freshener free, I have a clean driving licence and IAM advanced motorcycle training (dont worry, we wont go on the bike!!:catlol:) 

My Beatson rads appointments came in the post this morning.

31st October daily through to 21st November 11.00am

22nd Nov through to 27th Nov 10.30am

Please reply or pm me if interested in a lift share

Most likely route M876/M80, or scenic route via Kilsyth/Kirkintilloch:catindifferent: