light at night/tamoxifen

I have posted this on a couple of threads. Has anyone read about how light at might can stop tamoxifen from working. They think it is due to low melatonin production. I have always slept with a light on and tamoxifen didn’t work for me. Rather than take melatonin supplements it suggested sleeping in complete darkness and get out in the light in the morning to increase your natural melatonin production.

not heard of this sorry - and not something that my onc has mentioned… you would think if this was the case that it would be on the information leaflet you get with the medication? Is it something they have proved or just a possibility?

They have proved it in rats. Don’t think they have done any human trials. They think low melatonin may contribute to BC risk. Artificial light at night and shift work is implicated. They have looked into why flight attendants and nurses have higher than normal incidences of BC and blind people have lower incidences. I think more research is needed. I have always slept with a night light and I worked shifts for 10 years. Also tamoxifen either didn’t work for me or didn’t work for very long. I developed lung mets just over 2 years after chemo and radiotherapy.