Light headed for 2 weeks after chemo


I have just had my second FEC ( a week ago), and I just wondered if anyone else gets light headed for 2 weeks. After my first one it took me about two weeks to stop feeling woozy, or light headed. It feels like I have drunk a bottle of wine, which would be nice apart from the fact I havn’t!!!.

Just wondered if it is just me…



It is one of the many side effects, my first one I just felt totally out of it with my head, tried ot work and couldnt concentrate, no. 2 was better so fingers crossed

I also felt woozy on FEC and felt that it was one of the most annoying side effects. My brain felt slow for most of the time on FEC (I had 3) but if it’s any comfort to you, it feels a bit better on TAX.


Hi , I had my first FEC 14 days ago and I thought if this is it? easy , very little side effects and feeling really good. Last night I went to bed and from first moment room just spin for 2 minutes really fast , I couldn’t open my eyes. I tried to get up and walk, I couldn’t so I went back and slept and hoped it would go away in the morning. This morning I woke up feeling same , when I try to walk I couln’t , Tracy, I feel like I had a bottle of wine too. any advice how long this feeling will go on?

Kinden , did you lose your hair? if yes when does it happen, I am on my first FEC day 14 and no sign of falling yet.




How strange you should feel so woozy after feeling so well. with me I am very woozy and then it gradually gets better after the first two weeks. I must say that after chemo 1,on the third week I felt fantastic, I felt normal, and it was such a wonderful feeling to feel so well…

I think hair starts falling out around day 17, I am using the cold cap and loosing some all the time, but hopefully I will keep some too. I am on day 7 after number 2.



Hi Tracy, I also used cold cap and everytime I wash my hair I hold my head under cold water for 5 minutes thinking it may help :slight_smile: I am hoping to keep some too as I have so much hair and all my life complaint it was too much hair :slight_smile: Yes I felt so well first too weeks until last night I went to bed feeling really drunk and woke up still drunk, I couldn’t drive kids to school. I guess no driving for a while on FEC I will be dangerous on the road.


I was similar… after the first dose I went woozy that night and was semi out of it for about 8 days… after the second dose it was just a few days but on week 3 it was like someone had tried to knock me out with a sedative. As the doses went on I found that week 1 got easier but week 3 I’d feel a lot happier but knocked out again and I’d also get aches and twinges. I put this down to my body being busy trying to rebuild an immune system… seems to fit.

I enter week 3 again tomorrow for the 6th and final time. Long old haul but am looking forward to what happens at week 4, assuming it does exist and groundhog 3 weeks does actually end LOL.

Hi Tracy - I was fine initially on FEC/Epi and then couln’t string 2 thoughts together for a bit - it mucks your head up
don;t worry if you are a bit dfferent from others - I had a relltively easy chemo ride but radio has turned out to be a bit different for me - it knocks me sideways! we are all different - no wonder diets don;t work for everyone … or should that be anyone! …lol …:slight_smile:
good luck
love FB xx

To answer Gill, my hair started to come out at about day19. It came out really slowly, not in massive hunks. My pubes were the first to go. I never lost my lower leg hair. Although for me the side effects of taxotere are much worse than FEC, my hair is growing back, started about 2 weeks after 1st Tax.

I used to call it the ‘FEC fog’ when my brain didn’t work properly, aka chemo brain.
Good luck


Hi Tracy and everyone else,

I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! I had my 2nd FEC nearly 3 weeks ago and, after having no side-effects from the first one, this one was totally different. I reacted to the steroids in the first week after chemo 2 then as soon as I got over that the dizziness started in week 2. I got up one morning to go to work, got to the end of the bed and then fell into the laundry bin!! Since then (for about 1 week now) I’ve had terrible dizziness, especially when I go to bed. The room spins and my eyes are going round and round trying to keep up!! As soon as I lay down it happens. When I turn over in bed at night it happens. When I get up again it happens.

The hospital said it was because I was at the low point mid-cycle when my blood count’s at its lowest. This maybe true and possibly mad worse by the fact I’ve just had a period too…
Last night was the first night that I haven’t had it and I’ve been back into work today without problems. During the day it’s not so bad, just vaguely faint every now and then but none of the violent spinning. I have chemo 3 on Thursday, so I can start all over again (with more drugs to counteract the steroid reaction this time…)

I’m thinking of all you other dizzy ladies!! And I’m glad I’m not alone…
Love 'n hugs,

Sarah… did they give you your blood count numbers as that sounds pretty extreme to me but I found it really bad when my 4th dose coincided with my period and last week when it coincided. Turns out I’m slightly low on the old red cells and anemia can make you woozy too so you might want to go on an iron food frenzy like me, just remember that you need vitc to get the most out of stuff like spinach… in fact try cherry pie. Cherries are loaded in iron and vit c. Big steak burgers for me tonight, the last day of my final neuts week… WOOOO HOOO.

black forest gateaux anyone (the chocolate and cream are just for fun, the cherries are strickly medicinal :wink:

Hi vertangie,

I don’t get my bloods done until a day or two before my chemo. I thought they might offer me a blood test last week when I phoned up about my symptoms, but no!!
I’ll have a longer chat with the nurses on Thursday when I go for number 3…


Had chemo 3 yesterday. They checked my blood pressure standing and laying down in case it was dropping when I lay down…but there was no difference there. So they did an ECG. I had electrical interference for the first one…then realised my arm was still wrapped up in the electric blanket to get my veins up. The second time around the sticky pads kept peeling off as I’d put BioOil on my boob scar that morning. Third time was a bit better and the doc eventually said it was ok. So apart from telling me to get into/out of bed slowly and drink plenty he had little to offer in the way of advice…which wasn’t very helpful at all really. If any one gets given any decent advice please pass it my way!!

Oh yes, meant to say to Angie…when I was a blood donor (and they like sky-high haemoglobin levels before they take your blood) they said that cashew nuts or dried apricots were quite good for fending off anaemia.


Just as a follow up…I seem to have cured my dizzy spells. By sleeping!! After FEC 3 I was v. tired and after 2 days of giving in to sleep whenever I felt like it, the dizzy spells have gone.
Now I’m just full of cold…
If it’s not one thing…