Lighter Life / Cambridge Diet?

Hi Girls

Anyone know if its safe to go on either the Lighter Life or Cambridge Weight Lose Plan? I was already slightly heavier than I wanted to be at dx, but in the 3 months since I have managed to put over a stone on top of that! The only way I think I will stick to a diet is if I use meal replacements etc that these diets provide. Just not sure if I should or not - i’m half way through chemo with rads to go after. I’ll ask my onc in two weeks - but just wondered if anyone out there has come across this?

Thanks ladies,

Carly x

I have never posted on here before as i was just given diagnosis on Monday. However, I just happen to be a Cambridge weight plan consultant and I can answer your question - if your doctor is happy to sign your medical record form and you meet the other criteria, which your consultant will explain to you, it could be ok - you will find your nearest consultant on Cambridge weight plan website.
hope this helps


I think you would need to discuss the impact of such a low calorie diet whilst on treatment with your medical team, I did the lighter life before and had to come off it, made me feels as bad as chemo, my hair started to come out and I had constant tummy trouble. Maybe you could see the dietician at the hospital who supports oncology patients and find a suitable regime for you. Best of luck. Tina

Thanks girls

I spoke with my onc today, she advised to wait til after chemo - im half way now so not much longer to wait. Ive suffered really bad so far with SE’s so she said best to wait til i’m feeling better before I start adding to feeling unwell!

Madge - sorry you’ve had to join us on here, keep strong xx

I haven’t tried either. But both my brother and sister in law had serious health complications which two separate doctors attributed to the Lighter Life diet. my brother is 6ft 4 and so few calories a day was just not enough.

In the grand scheme of things does our weight really matter at the moment? Get fit first x


Hi Carlyb. I finished Chemo and rads last year and am on tamoxifen now. I put on weight a couple of months after starting the tamoxifen, about a stone and a half (was 9st) . I think the extra weight is important if it makes you fed up with things not fitting etc, we have enough to deal with having surgery, treatment and hair loss and I certainly didn’t feel womanly for months. I tried weight watchers, which had worked in the past, but the weight wouldn’t shift. I’v been going to the gym and spinning every day since March but the weight stayed on so I tried the Cambridge diet out of desperation and so far have lost 10 lbs although I’ve fallen off the wagon since going on holiday but intend to start again. My advice would be to get through the chemo, rads etc first, let your body settle down, then once you start to feel like the old you start a fitness and diet program. Good Luck with it all x