I am still in quite a bit of pain in my breast and under my arm. Everybody who knows says i am lucky, but I don’t feel lucky. I haven’t been able to tell any of my relatives about it but my Mum, and husband and my chidren have told people. If it was left up to me nobody would know. I am afraid if i go in to town and saw anybody who I know I feel I would just stand crying at them. I do have a BCN at Nottingham City Hospital. I am not sure what is normal anymore. I still feel after all what I have had, I still wish I had never been for a mammogram. I know i shouldn’t feel that way but at the moment I do.

I was diagnosed through finding a lump but I feel the same, i.e. I wish I hadn’t found it.

Unfortunately I did, and there’s no going back. Wishing you didn’t feel anything is also quite normal but the trouble is we are all human and don’t have the control over how we feel that we imagine we need.

Those feelings are telling you that you need to ease up on yourself. You haven’t forgotten even if other people have. You have been through a traumatic time. Give yourself a break. Maybe you need a holiday, or something to divert yourself from some of it. I did a lot of art, but you may prefer something different. Swimming, running, walking or gardening can be therapeutic