Link to Info about NHS Health Reforms - and action groups

This link was posted on the Save Our NHS website, and I think it makes essential reading if you are a patient dependent on the NHS. It also provides information about how you can help stop the changes.

you may want to take part in this one, this is the site that helped get it turned around not to sell the forest off now they are working on the NHS.


just wondering how many people are actively looking at the NHS changes i can already see it on our chemo ward, cut in clerical staff, hand gloves have got thinner and the paper they put around your you to prevent spillage is now 2 ply not 4. Please help by doing what you can to save our NHS.

Hatty, I truly think people are walking off the cliff blindfold with this. I also have an awful suspicion that some believe GP commissioning will improve their chances of getting treatment (and that is so wrong). I live in Sussex which is the first County to implement the reforms, and the four PCT’s serving Sussex have formed into what they call a cluster, ready to manage and help implement GP Commissioning . So the same people will be informing GP’s about what to fund/ not to fund. In addition to that, there will be private companies entering the fray, and decisions about the funding of non-standard treatments (such as Stereotactic Radiotherapy, or Selective Internal Radiation Therapy), will be left to a National Specialist Commissioning Body (so while this may do away with the postcode lottery, it means that if they say no - then nobody gets funding) .
I would recommend that people follow the link I have provided, as that will provide more info on these reforms.

Thanks Lemongrove for posting this. My sister in law works at a job centre in Northamptonshire and she has started to see suppliers to the NHS losing their jobs. Yes, cuts are really starting to become evident.

Had very frustrating day at hospital on Tuesday.Chemo ward was cut to 4 days a couple of months ago, now from May they are only open Thurs & Friday! Goodness only knows how they (we!) will cope!! Also usually get my AdCal from hospital, now told to get it from GP - so much for your health service is safe in our hands, and cancer patients will be protected!!

Hi Julie, that’s dreadful - not what you need at all. Not just chemo, I understand that Brighton are also having problems with radiotherapy , and are sending patients to the Marsden.