Lip lesion

Do you ever get the feeling that once a cancer patient, always a cancer patient?!

I have a tiny little mark on my lip that looks as if someone has touched it with a blue felt tip. Because of my history, my dentist decided to refer me to have it checked. I was almost embarassed going to the mouth doctor as it seemed so inconsequential. Anyway, he read my notes, took one look at it and said it needed to be cut out and biopsied. So now, here I am, a week later, with a big fat lip, four stitches and awaiting biopsy results again! Oh well, I guess it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I know what you mean.

After I had my lymph node op. I was left with a small area of pain on my ribs, like a bruise. I only mentioned it to the BCN in passing. But she packed me off to the surgeon, and they got out all the xrays and scans and after much poking and prodding decided it wasn’t anything.

Right now I’ve got a stinking cold, with a very chesty cough, which I’ve had for a week. Partner thinks I should go to the docs… y’know, just in case. Last time I looked a snotty nose wasn’t a symptom of secondry lung cancer.

How are you not meant to turn into a hypchondriac??!!

I had the rib thing too! Bone scan and a week of worry but all was ok. At least we are being well looked after. Hope the cold goes soon!

Argh ! I’ve got the rib thing - a dull ache under my boob (affected side) that runs under my arm - I am thinking it is just sleeping in the wrong place - I got my first year mam results (all clear) and assumed that it was nothing - should I mention it again ? feels like a bruise but there is nothing there to see.

The pain sounds just like mine, with nothing to see. If it’s been there more than a couple of weeks with no obvious cause I think I would mention it. Better safe than sorry.

Let’s hope all our little niggles turn out to be nothing. Little things that we wouldn’t have given a 2nd thought to before diagnosis!

You can get left with a lot of weird rib sensations if you have had radiotherapy. I’m 4 years on and I still get the occasional stabbing pain out of the blue, plus and itchy sensation. I also have days where my bad arm can feel very heavy and my fingertips are a bit numb. I think the latter is a hangover from Taxotere. I need to lose some weight and am aiming to join a local gym which will hopefully strengthen my arm. OH is going to come with me to keep me motivated, but he wants to shed a stone by Christmas.

I wondered about radiation yes ! thanks for that Cherub - I have treatment on Monday any way so am going to go and see the surgeon when I am there just to set my mind at ease.

As always girls - thanks for the support. LR xx