Lipo Fill after mastectomy

I had mastectomy 3 years ago. Now that post op swelling has gone and everything has settled it is becoming more noticible on that side.
Even when I am wearing my bra and prosthesis i have a gape ( it shows that I have no breast tissue there. Has anyone had lipo fills to give an appearance of a full breast when wearing a bra.

I asked my plastic surgeon about this as an alternative to having an implant, but the response was that there is no long-term data about how effective it is to transfer large amounts of fat. It is still quite a new method and not being done at my hospital.
They will use small amounts of fat transfer to fill in ‘dents’ but not as a method of reconstruction.

I had a mastectomy and LD reconstruction in Mar 09. My situation now is that the reconstructed breast is smaller than the other. I am normally a B cup and the new breast is an A. Because I have a personal problem with implants - I want it to be ‘all me’ and I don’t want to have to think about replacement sometime down the road - I asked my PS for other options. He has advised me that he can do fat-grafting to increase the volume.