Lipo infill to bilateral implants

Following bilateral mastectomies and reconstruction with silicone implants three and a half years ago, I have just recently had liposuction taken from my stomach and hips to fill in creasing on the right breast and to fill out a rather dented left breast (dented and lop sided following an initial infection). I have to say although they will never be perfect, I am quite pleased with the effect so far. It is only just over two weeks, and the left breast is slightly bigger than the left as that side has had more work surgically and is obviously slightly swollen, and will need time to settle. The left breast after looking unsightly for the last 3 years or more now looks much fuller and is now a much more rounded fuller shape, so really pleased. The plastic surgeon at the same time has revised my hysterectomy scar, which had left me with a muffin top over the scar. He has taken skin away and revised this, and although I had to go back in a few days later due to a haematoma over the scar, which had to be reopened and drained, I am now recovering and hoping this will give me a little bit more confidence.

I just thought I would say to anyone thinking of having this done that it certainly makes a difference.

Hi Julie
My PS has suggested the same procedure for me as I have had probles with creasing since my diep last march. I’m just not sure if I can face going through with more surgery and the PS said he couldn’t guarentee it would only take 1 procedure I need to be preapred for up to 6!!!. How long were you in hospital? did you have it under general? how painful was it afterwards?
Sorry loads of questions, I just don’t know what to do???
Thanks for your advice…

Hi, Yes my surgeon told me that as well, that it may take more than one go, as fat doesn’t always take that well, but so far so good. Never going to be perfect, but much better than they were. I was supposed to be in Wednesday to Thursday, but in reality after having haematoma went out on Saturday, but was back in by Monday for an emergency operation to drain the haematoma, then was back out the following day and now very much on road to recovery. It was done under a GA. I had to admit I was worried as well, as I seem to be one of these people who every time they have surgery, something goes wrong, either infection or whatever. Anyway they are much softer. They were quite hard before, but since injections of fat they are much softer and much more rounded. Left boob was effectively like a half boob before this operation, and it looks great now, so really pleased.