I posted a discussion earlier in the day, and on the advice of Dahlia (thank you D) I am re-posting, in the hopes of hitting a wider audience! I had a Lupectomy last summer, the plastic surgeon I’ve seen has offered me 1) Complete removal of the breast and reconstruction, or 2) Plastic surgery to the unaffected breast to help match it up to the left one. I can’t face having the rest of my breast removed, and really, would like to have the ‘gap’ filled, and the other breast reduced to match.

I would really appreciate feed back from anyone with information about Lipomodelling, some first hand experience would be great!

Thanks so much, this site is great, the warmth and sisterhood is just lovely!



I have just had the lipomodelling 4 weeks ago - I posted an an answer to a previous posting headed ‘Lipofill and boy chest’. If you go back a page, (maybe two by now) and have a look at that posting it may give you the info you need.

The facilitator, Kate, has added the link to Sue’s older posting about her experience with the lipo. I would recommend you read this…I got loads of info there.

Hope this helps, whatever you decide to do.


Hey Al, thanks very much, I’ll check it out.

Warm wishes,