liposomal doxorubicin

hello ladies, I posted the same question in the undergoing treatment forum but I only got one reply, anybody here that can help me?

Hello, I am going to start chemo again next week, and this time it will be liposomal doxorubicin (Myocet). I have done already epirubicin and it has been the worst chemo I had, I was wondering what kind of side effects I should expect with the Myocet apart from loosing my hair again, for the third time…I feel very sad already…


Hi Sabrina,

I am sorry that you are not getting any replies. While I have heard of this chemo, I don’t think it is one of the bog-standard treatments normally used and I doubt many others have been on it. I looked it up on cancerbackup

which lists the side effects. It would seem that hair loss is a possibility, not a certainty. Perhaps you could use the cold cap to try and preserve your hair? Having lost mine twice, I do sympathise with you on this one.

Wishing you the very best results on it…


Thank you Jenny, I will check the link you sent me. maybe this liposomal doxorubicin is quite recent, but I thought it was more used, since it is like doxorubicin but less toxic, so it can be used at higher doses, that is what they are going to do with me now.
anyway, the hair is not important, the results are the only thing that counts!


Hiya ladies
I must say this intrigued me as I hadent heard of it but some days I just dip into inspire which is US based and low and behold there is a very large thread called " red devil" running there if you need additional information. It is used for other types of cancer as well.

Very interesting reading ladies…thanks for updating the thread.

I have gone through chemo’s like smarties and the next thing on the list was to re-visit epirubicin, which i had as part of FEC for my primary. It is the red one which makes your hair fall out, so was interested to find that myocet/cyclophosphamide is called the red devil. I have made a note of the combo to mention to my Onc but it sounds as if the same few drugs are used in different combo’s?? MAybe another mix to try??

I had chemo back in 2003 and I had FEC /CMF …I just wander if the CMF was similar …but it was awful as i was so sick on it so maybe strong but my hair grew back on it !!!