lipostyling anyone?

Dear All
Has anyone had any experience of lipostyling (I think it was called)? I had a Mx and immediate DIEP flap reconstruction in July and am scheduled to have nipple reconstruction and ‘lipostyling’ next March to improve the hollowing at the top of my new breast. My PS said he will take some fat (don’t know where from - I wonder if I can choose!!), spin it down to get the fat cells out and then inject them into the defect. It all sounds very fancy and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this. I think it’s just an overnight stay, but I was worried that there might be risk to the new breast (introduction of infection?) or more postop discomfort - after having so much time off this summer , I don’t really want to ask work for more time for a ‘nonessential’ procedure - and I don’t want to risk the loss of my new breast for the sake of a bit better cosmetic result. Any advice/experience would be welcomed.
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just bumping this up for you…I too am interested

Me too!!
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I’m also interested. What hospital/surgeon are you with?


Hi Lizzab & All,

I have an interest in this too, as I had a segmental mast. About a month ago… & am a B/C cup on a small frame. I look good so far, but am nervous as to what the result will be after post op swelling goes away and any effects of radiotherapy. Right now, it’s just nice to have some kind of reassurance that I might have options in the future.

Have a search on this site for Lipofil. There is an interesting thread called “Recon after Lumpectomy”. It would be great to have an update from the ladies who posted there. I know that my surgeon is currently training in the technique.

I originally heard about the procedure from someone who lives in Japan. There is a company called Cytori Theraputics who I think are carrying out trials in Europe. (Hope I’m allowed to mention their name; don’t really know much about them yet) so you could Google them too.

Please do let us know your findings!
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hi guys

i had the lipo op mid september and thoroughly recommend it. I had the op in two parts, but know it can now be done in the one. The PS removes fat from wherever you have any extra - Im a size 10/12 (more like an 11) and PS had no probs finding some.
The first op was removing ‘fat’ from my shanks - whick i think is technical speak for love handles, recycling it and injecting into my depleted boob. This built up a blood supply and laid the foundation for the 2nd op.
I had this on 11sept - fat taken from my thighs and injected into boob. It is now looking so much better. Before I had a D on one side and a B on t’other. Now 8/9 weeks on I am proudly measuring a 30DD, and eventually have had the pleasure of buying bras for 1st time in years!!
Where are you guys getting the op, or are being offered the op? Mine was done at the Glasgow Royal, Canniesburn Unit. Ms Mithoff was the first surgeon in UK to do this op and has been training others round the country. She is fantastic, and has been involved in this from the beginning - it was her that did the UK trials.
As Lomalinda said - try a search under lipofill, there are a few posts which give info.
The new technique is to spin off certain (stem) cells from the fat and inject only these into the breast. These cells are ones which will reproduce themselves and will fill out the breast naturally.
For those who are interested in the end result - its great. The breast only has injections - so no scars, the lipo sites are small marks like keyhole surgery - really small, and heal quickly.
The surgeon doesnt have to take a lot of fat - but you will be slimmer wherever it is - tummy, thighs, A great side benefit, thank you very much - there aint many with bc buts this IS one.
Its an overnight stay - in on Thurs, out Fri lunch time. The breast has no pain, but the bruising on lipo area is intense…be prepared to be uncomfortable for a week or so. But no pain, no gain, and I would do it again if i needed it, I am so pleased with the result.
I dont think there is much chance of infection - other than what is normal in hospitals, because theres no open surgery.
Any other q’s, please feel free to ask - I will try monitor the thread and help if i can

Take care, love

Hi Al

Do you know if this can be combined with implant recon? I’ve had recent risk reducing mastectomies with immediate implant recon and although its early days I do have a few dents (well more like craters actually!). My PS has already mentioned that this could be corrected in the future using muscle. Just wondering whether lipo was another option to keep in mind.

hI aL,

I’m so glad you’ve responded.

I’m an A cup and a small a cup at that. Had a lumpectomy which as left one side even smaller. i spoke to the ps and he suggested lipofill or implants. i would love a b cup but don’t know if this would be offered but i know if i had implants i would get it. It would also be good to get a flatter tum tum.

Really confused but i am seeing him again in jan 09 as i can’t have anything done yet due to radiotheraphy.


Thank you SO much for all your comments. They’re really useful. Obviously I had misremembered the term - lipofil sounds much better. I had googled lipostyle, but all I came up with was German liposuction sites, which was ok, but not really what I was looking for!! I am under Mr Dickson in Stevenage and he has been fantastic. A bit dry and takes a bit of getting used to, but I’d rather there was no flannel, just tell me what I need to do. I am scheduled for lipofilling in March, to fill the hollow at the top of my new breast and I feel much happier about it all now.

Just a word on bras - as a sad A cup now (I blame the children, rather than BC), I have had some discomfort wearing underwired bras since the op as the new breast is much fuller out to the side than the original one and I find the wires dig in not only at the side, but also at my breastbone where there is no real soft tissue covering anymore. I bought some M&S soft cup, no underwire, slightly padded ‘Body’ bras last week and I am really pleased with how they feel AND look.

I’ll keep you informed with any further developments on the lipofil
Love to all


Thanks for the update. Am i right in understanding you have already had one treatment of lipofil?


hi guys,
sorry its been a week since i’ve been on - my hubby keeps hogging the computer-and life is generally sooooo busy. Not complaining - I could be in hospital!
Im not sure about the mastectomy, but i think Sue had this done - check postings under lipofil for supersue (i think!)
I think you have ask the ps you are seeing about the cup size - I only wanted mine to match up in volume to the non bc side. Ms Mithoff did mention that I could change size but I wasnt going down that road so I kinda tuned that bit out, sorry. I dont think a 'b’cup is unreasonable - as long as you have enough tissue elsewhere on your body to take from - I deliberately ate more choc etc to get some flab on my tum - then ps decided on the day to take it from my thighs - now I need to get trimmed

Lipo and implants - again, ask the ps. The cells are injected into the breast…a lot would depend on the type of implant and where it is situated I would imagine - ask the experts!!

Wishing you all well on the lipo road - its the way to go…according to my ps it will replace a good part of the breast implant industry! Its organic, no risk of rejection - and you get a bit of side benefit of remodelling those awkward / wobbly bits! Remember, there is a degree of pain / discomfort - 99% of it on the ‘harvest’ area - hardly any at all on the breast.

With love


Thanks for the update. Im not due to see the ps til jan now so will eat lots of chocs over chrimbo.


Hi everyone,

I had latissimus dorsi plus liposuction. Use the search engine for comments about LD plus lipo and it should bring up the details. The result was very good and still is very good. The breast feels and looks very natural. It also feels part of me; some of the stem cells in amongst the fat cells have changed into nerve cells so I’ve got more sensation in the new breast than one might expect.

It’s a great technique.

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I have spoken to my consultant about this and it will hopefully be available in Sheffield next year if they can get the funding, postive side of this means less fat on the thighs as that is where they will take mine from.




I had a MX and LD reconstruction done in Mar 09. I am normally a B cup and I am now an A on the reconstructed side and I also have a hollow at the top of my breast. My PS has advised me that he can fix both problems with lipomodelling. I was very pleased when he told me that because I did not want to have an implant although I would have if there had not been another choice. I prefer the ‘all me’ option because I did not want to have to deal with the thought of replacement or capsular contraction or other implant complications down the road. He plans to take the fat from my tummy so I get the added bonus of a tummy tuck!! I am scheduled for the surgery in October.