Liposuction + LD

Hi everyone and SuperSue if you’re out there

Just discovered thread in which you describe above procedure - am really interested. SuperSue if you’re there I need further info as this procedure is not done where I am in Bucks.
How can I find out where it is done, and whether I could go there?
Also, what effects does the liposuction have on the place where it is done? - does it leave permanent indents or other signs that it was done?
Also, what sites can the liposuction be done on since I doubt if I have enough fat on my stomach?

Be really grateful if you could tell me. Thankyou lots.


Hi snowwhite

i may be able to answer one of your questions…I’m waiting to have lipo op and the cons. said I have enough spare fat on my ‘shanks’ as my stomach is fairly flat. I think she meant my ‘love handle’ area!!
One of the main concepts behind using own body fat is that you wont reject it so as long as you have some spare the surgeon will use it.

I am also interested or need further advice as had LD reconstruction about 18mths ago but reconstructed breast is smaller so wondering if lipo is an option to even up size rather than implant or reduction other side.
I live on South coast and due to see surgeon at end of month but know he cannot offer this procedure so, I too like snowwhite would be very grateful for any further info about procedure and which hospital may offer this procedure.

Thanks everyone.

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the delay in replying - I’ve been on an extended holiday.

About LD + Lipo

Snowwhite. Apart from Ms Eva Weilor-Mithoff who works at the Canniesburn Hospital and the Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow I don’t know the names of other surgeons doing LD + Lipo but they do exist. Ms Weilor Mithoff trains another 10 surgeons in the technique every year and there are other surgeons doing training too. I suggest that you ask your own plastic surgeon to contact her and find out if there are any other surgeons doing the op in your area.

With LD + Lipo a good proportion of the volume of the reconstructed breast is provided by the latissimus dorsi (LD) muscle. This means that large volumes of additional fat aren’t needed. Just to give you an idea, in total the amount of fat removed from my tummy and placed in my reconstructed breast was about a tenth of that removed in a cosmetic surgery operation from a lady on that terrible but strangely addictive programme ‘Ten years younger’.

The liposuction has not left me with indents in my stomach. The surgeon warned me that that there was a small risk of my stomach not being entirely smooth but in fact it’s turned out fine.

Additional scarring from the Lipo. I do have 4 small white scars (each about 3mm long) but these aren’t noticable because they are cunningly hidden inside my navel. The fat was injected along the scar line on my reconstructed breast so no additional scars there.

In my case the fat came (in two lots) from my tummy but the surgeon could have taken it from my hips or thighs.

Alimo. Good luck with the op.

Squeaky. LD alone left me with a reconstructed breast that was noticeably smaller than my natural one. After LD I had to wait several months to allow everything to heal before undergoing Lipo. I’m pretty sure that in your case Lipo could be done to even up the sizes. I think that you could ask your plastic surgeon about the technique and ask him/er to contact Ms Weilor-Mithoff to find out if there are any surgeons using this technique locally.

Best wishes,