Liquid tamoxifen

Hi is anyone taking liquid tamoxifen? I have been on tamoxifen for 3 and half years and had terrible side effects of wockhart but got aps and they were great then got teva and thy also were great now I can’t get hold of teva anywhere so now being offered a liquid one. Just would like to know what others are taking instead of teva and the side effect or what the liquid one is like?
Thanks x

Hi Shelldon I have taken the soltamox liquid for 21months now .I can’t swallow tablets so was very pleased it came in liquid tastes of liquorice and abusers.not unpleasant.I have had usual effects of hot flushes,bone pain and bad leg cramps .I am glad I know I will always get the same type as see alot of people have such different side effects on various brands.take care didi

Hi I don’t know what liquid one is like but I cannot get a hold of teva either!! I had wockhart and was really poorly. I have just had a month of relon chem and I think they have made me really down. I can not get a hold of anything else so have stopped taking them to see how I feel.