Lisa had her mastectomy & LD Flap recon Monday

Hi Sue, Lisa and Julie

Gosh Sue and Lisa, I am at a loss as to what to say right now, great that the breast is now clear of C, 19 lymphs jese how many of these do we have? Sorry but my head is a bit all over the place tonight. Hope that they sort out the back lump zap the blasted thing to kingdom come, how do you stay so brave Lisa. I was doing ok but now I am back to how I felt the day of dx as in very scared.

Julie hats off to you too, you sound like you are really together on this and I wish you a successful and speedy recovery as I do to Lisa. Why do I feel so damned pathetic and wimpish and so not brave right now!!! Unless I am busy with something or other I am just so scared. I am so tired but can’t sleep.

Sorry for being such a pain in the proverbial but thats how it is for me tonight.


Carole I feel so much for you … doesn’t matter what anyone says you still feel scared. Honestly you don’t need to be but I was like that when I had a hysterectomy a few years back … no one could stop me being scared … but I did feel cross with myself afterwards. Don’t forget to ask for a pre med and ask for a strong one. I told Lisa this as she was sure that they would offer her one anyway but they didn’t … fortunately I was still with her there when anaethetist came to see her and I asked about a pre med so he turned to her and asked if she wanted one and she said she did, even though she wasn’t that scared at that point but was afraid she might be when they took her to theatre, they gave her two tablets and after about 20 mins she hadn’t a care in the world and felt drowsy. Its up to you but it might calm the nerves before you go down to theatre. Lisa also said she was asleep in no time after they told her to breathe this stuff in. Next thing she was waking up and came round really quickly by all accounts. When you come round (and you WILL come round) you will feel, like Lisa, really happy. So don’t assume that they will offer you a pre med you may have to ask.
Do you have to go in today for op tomorrow or can you go in tomorrow? If I don’t hear from you until afterwards I will assume you are already there! Lisa was lucky as her op was at 3pm on a Monday so she didn’t have to be there until late morning … she said she would have hated going in the night before.
We will be thinking about you and Julie all over the weekend and sending lots and lots of love and good vibes … I KNOW you both will be Ok and can’t wait to hear from you both soon.
You are right about Lisa’s back area … just hope that the radiotherapy blasts it all out!! Such good news apart from that. Incidentally there are about 30 or so lymph glands under arm.
Lots of Love Sue & Lisa xx.

Hi Sue and Lisa

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and for taking the time to post, I really appreciate it very much. I had a sleep tablet induced sleep last night and am back to my brave self today thank goodness. I will take your advice and request a pre-med for sure, I would never have thought of that but am so glad you suggested it thank you.

I fast tonight and go in at 7am tomorrow morning so this will be my last until after I get home. Sending healthy good wishes to you Lisa and also to Julie who will have had her op today, Julie you have been in my thoughts so much today darlin, I trust that by the time you read this you will be feeling so much better.

All right, bye for just now,

Hi Sue,Lisa and Carole,
I came home last friday 7th, after 7 days in hosp.Unfortunatley was quite poorly post op, oxygen sats low all week so on o2 for 6 days, developed horrible nausea and vomiting, after pca was changed from fentanyl to morphine on sunday after op on friday 30th, then by tues developed a chest infection because i was on bed reat for 4 days post op due to leg wound, so had a horible time in hospital, i only walked round the ward for the 1 st time on thursday-day 6 , then was sent home on friday. Coming home has been my saviour really better for me psychologically, friends, mum and OH all have been fantastic, im so independant so this has been really hard for me.
my leg hurts a bit still, but im thrilled with my new boob, I had a TMG flap done from thigh muscle in left leg, right breast mastectomy.

So good to hear that lisa is doing so well, and thank you for posting her recovery, and your thoughts too as a concerned mum, my mum stayed for nearly 2 weeks,it must be difficult seeing your children go through something like this, its unfair for anyone, all we can do is deal with it the best we can, a cry is ok too.
I havent heard from Carole I hope shes ok, we were a day apart with surgery I remember.

Christmas lists have been ticked! thats one thing i feel on top of at the moment, you all take care, speak soon, night night
Julie xx

So pleased you are home Julie … we have been thinking about you for two weeks. We don’t know anyone else who has had the same recon as you. So pleased that you are happy with your new breast … Lisa is with hers despite not having a nipple of course. So sorry to hear that you had a bad time post op… Lisa was lucky in that she recovered so quickly… she just developed tonsillitis which gave her a temperature. Hers was right breast too. The only worry left is that darned back lump that developed soon after she discovered the lump in her breast. It was removed at teh same time as teh mastectomy but she now has to have radiotherapy on … not until after Christmas though. All the medics say how unusual that is and they have no text book to tell them what to do about it! She sees the oncologist again on Thursday afternoon to find out what they have planned re Tamoxifen … she isn’t looking forward to that i must admit nor the radio as she has been told it will make her very tired.
I wonder how long it will take for your thigh to heal fully. I am interested because i have never heard of anyone having that done. Makes sense with plenty of flesh on the thigh though.
Hope you continue to get better really quickly … keep posting we are thinking about you.
I hope Carole is Ok as we haven’t heard a word from her. She was having the same op as Lisa and was very nervous I know. You will have noticed that I posted asking about her.
Lots of love Sue & Lisa x