List of "goodies" to get in before chemo starts

Getting organised - Have beautiful wig, 2 scarves (will get more as time goes on). Stocked up on ginger biscuits and crystalised ginger.Bought thermometer. What is best laxatives to get for the dreaded anticipated constipation? Can anyone give me any more suggestions so that I can be ready.

Hi Poodlepatch

I found the senekot comfort worked for me. I also would get some lollie ices in for sore mouth and pinapple. I have also used Difflam mouthwash which helps and bicarb of soda is really good too. It is difficult to “guess” what se’s you will get but the chemo helpine are really good they can give you things for anything that you get. I did also get ginger beer found that helped with nausea American ginger beer from sainsbury’s was the nicest I found.

Hope this helps??


Morning Poodlepatch
I had my second dose of FEC on Thursday - and apart from a slight feeling of nauseousness on the evening have been ok - the following helps me, so I will pass it on to you too!

I’m a fan of ginger beer too - and found it useful for the first couple of days. I keep a couple of ginger biscuits by my bed (just for the first night or two) in case I feel a bit an “empty stomach”. I use sea-bands also and I drink loads of water.
I take a goodie-bag with me when I go for chemo - nice “sucky” sweets and good mags - I have the cold cap so am there for the duration.
Haven’t had to use the dreaded laxatives yet - but then there is still time - so I will take Jill’s advice re. that one!


Poodlepatch, you might find you’re given something to help with the concrete digestive system effect - I was from the start, and then they gave me something stronger when I needed it. Once you know how you react you might need to start taking them the day before chemo as a lot of us have done as one you realise you need them it’s too late!

On that note, you might want to get some Anusol ointment in… :frowning: Trust me, it can be a life saver!

When I had the fuzzy mouth I ate a lot of gherkins and strong cheese and I know a few others did as well, so if you like those it might be worth getting some in!

The other thing was that after a few sessions the only thing I could face drinking was sparkling water. Tea and coffeee were disgusting, I went off ginger beer and I couldn’t even bear tap water any more. the bubbles seemed to cut through the gunk somehow and it was more refreshing.

I know some people have gargled with bicarb to help with the fuzz - I didn’t hear about that until I’d finished chemo but it might be worth a try.

I don’t have a sweet tooth and while I normally like ginger, didn’t fancy it at all!

For me it was toast and marmite and twiglets! Cordosyl mouthwash is really good if your mouth gets sore and treats and prevents mouth ulcers (i didn’t get any).

I live alone, so made sure I had enough supplies in to keep me going for a few days. Also had some home-made convenience meals in the freezer, for when I was feeling better but with no energy.

I had v few SEs compared to some - it is all doable and, if you do get bad SEs, call your BCN/contact/Dr - they can normally help.

Good luck!

Hi Poodlepatch

Sounds like you are well organised and that is a good thing as it gives you some control and minimising effects is a good thing!! I am now six months post chemo and aseveryone seems to agree it is doable. Other tips I found helpful was to drink at least 3 Litres of fluid day before and the few days after - I feel helps to flush out your system after the drugs. I also bought Manuka Honey and had that daily throughout( has antibacterial properties so may help preventing infection)

Good luck and take care


This thread was really useful to me when I had chemo earlier this year:

Nymeria x

Don’t take it for granted that you are going to get bunged up. Tissues. Eyes and nose stream when nasal hair falls out.
Moisturiser. Skin gets v dry.

Many thanks to everyone - have compiled a list of “goodies” so hopefully will be well prepared.