Live Chat Now

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say that live chat is on now, so if you feel you would like to chat in real time with others in the same situation as you, just follow the link to live chat.

Kind regards


hi louise, help , this is the second week that i have been trying desperetly to get into chat, it wont let me in. i come in as wonder1 i would give you my email addi to tell me how to do it but cant as iyt would be read by all. help me…
old addi when scrolled over is…

on your new site it says…

niether work.

I’m having the same trouble. Live Chat just says it’s not open yet but will be open in a few minutes.

think we are all in the same boat! wonder, sent you message on FB to see if you were trying to!

Try again debs, think we may have now sorted the problem


It must be something I’m doing wrong !! For the second week running I was able to login to live chat but was unable to contribute.

Same here

dee sorry that you couldn’t post… could you see our messages…?

Yes I could see your messages and everyone said Hi but I could not say Hi back! So Hi! x

Hi Everyone

I have recently been dx and have also been trying to get into live chat but it says its not open.



Linda Live Chat on this site is only open on Thursdays between 9pm and 10pm.There is another bc website where it is available 24/7 if that is what you would like.Pm me if you want details.
All the best Valx