Live chat or telephone support?

Live chat or telephone support?

Live chat or telephone support? I don’t know whether anyone else is feeling as isolated as I am at the moment. My friends and family are wonderful, but they all go out to work, which leaves me on my own for much of the day. I keep as busy as I can, but it’s hard not to dwell on things.

It would be good to have someone to chat to, not just to compare experiences (which I would find invaluable), but to see the funny side with, too.

If anyone else feels the same way, we could ask for an online live chat session for DCIS, or for a telephone session (like an audio conference).

What do you think? Would that be useful to you?


Hi Heather,

It must be very hard when you are on your own a lot of the day and I am wondering if it would help you to join the other site that so many here also belong to? We have a 24/7 chat room and it can be serious at times but we also have quite a lot laughter there too :). Also if you wanted specially to chat to others with DCIS you are able to post in the forums and arrange to meet in the chat room when you want.

In case this would help I post the link here:


Live chat Hi Heather

I feel exactly the same as you do. Let me know what you want to do. I am prepared to be on msn messenger or whatever you want.


General Live Chat Dear Heather and Fee

Just to let you know about Breast Cancer Care’s online chat facility where you can talk to others in real time. It is facilitated by an expert moderator and a nurse who are on hand to point you to sources of help and information.
The general Live chat sessions are open to anyone affected by breast cancer and are weekly , 9pm - 10pm on Thurdays. Simply use the same login details for both the live chat and the forums.
I have added a link to further information.

Kind Regards
Forum Host
Breast Cancer Care


I have used the online chat but it was quite slow and most of the women on there hadn’t had DCIS.

It seems so confusing having this condition.


bcpals I’ll see you over on bcpals - I’ll keep the same id, so wave at me when you see me!

Thank you for the link, ladies, and for the offer of MSN, Fee - I may take you up on that.

Best wishes


live chat Hi Heather, Fee and Anna

I got a shiver this morning when I read your posts, I am feeling exactly the same. I would love to share experiences of people who are going through DCIS.

I won’t go into detail now, but I don’t think you have to be on your own to feel isolated.

So if you are setting up a live chat let me know. I have never done one before so I may need the idiot proof instructions of what to do.


Shall we arrange live chat time on bcpals?? Hi Helen

Wondered if we should arrange a time for live chat on bcpals…i cant do 2nite as friend coming over for dinner as my hubby away yet again!!!

So how about thursday at 8pm…you will need to register on and then go into the live chat forum which gives you details on how to do it…

You could maybe do a recky 2nite…happy to do another time if that doesnt suit.

Anna xx

live chat Hi Anna

Thursday at 8 is fine.

My Husband was away at the weekend, think that is why I hit a down
yesterday. Feeling better, but it is my sons birthday so
it is pretty busy for me as well today.

I have already registered so hopefully won’t have any problems,
if I do I will post a message.


Chat room wally Hi Anna

Sorry made a total mess of getting on to bcpals. Realised at 5 minutes to 8 that you did not mean this website, and I was not registered for that one. So have been frantically trying to register but cannot get my account activated that quickly.

Feel an utter wally, was really looking forward to a chat, as I got some bad news today, may have to have radiotherapy, but need to discuss
further with my consultant first.

Can we arrange another time?


Hi Hi Helen,
Just wanted to say hi to you as I’m also from Guisborough.
You will no doubt be having treatment at the same hospital as me James Cook and seeing the same consultants.
I put a post on here in December asking for people going to this hospital to get in touch but at the time there was only one lady who I’m in touch with.
As you can see from my profile I’ve been on a similar path to you.
Hope to hear from you soon on bcpals.


hi hi Michelle

What a way to meet! Nice to know there is someone so close.

Hope to be on bcpals soon


Hi Helen,

Look forward to hearing from you when you get onto the other site.

Best wishes, Michelle.

Hi Helen

No worries…i noticed that you were the newest person to join so guessed as much…will send you a private message on that site then you can email or phone or more easily let me know when you are free…
So sorry to hear you may require rads…shall wait to hear the finer details of why!!

Big hug
Anna xx

Back Hi Helen and all,

Sorry for neglecting my thread. I disappeared down a black hole temporarily, but posted about it on bcpals and got some fantastic support there. I’m sorry not to have been about on Thursday.

Helen, if you’re on bcpals and would like to chat about how it feels having this DCIS diagnosis, please PM me.

Fee, noticed you’re on over there, I’ll PM you!

H x