LIVE CHAT - TONIGHT 19.01.2010

Hi All

Due to technical problems I’m afraid we are unable to run the live chat session tonight.

I apologise for this and hope the problem with the system will be rectified in time for the day time secondary live chat tomorrow at 11.30am.

Best wishes Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi, no wonder I have been sat here for 10 ten mins trying to get on. Typical! Can’t do tomorrows one either as at hospital having scans - and also didn’t make the Living with Sec BC course that ran last week - not doing well with all this support stuff hey??!!

Hi I had been trying to get on to chat too now my internet is fixed at last. Wont be able to make tomorrow either, having zoladex injection at 12. Will try again next week

Julie x

Me too! - I wonder what those ‘technical problems’ actually mean. This site was too expensive for this to happen

Sad, was looking forward to it :frowning:

Hi everyone

Apologies for the problems last night - we’re really trying to get it sorted.

If anyone’s available now, the Live Chat is working for today’s lunchtime session, and will be on until 12.30.

Leah (BCC)