Live chat tonight and extra session over the holiday

Hi everyone

Live chat takes place at 9 pm tonight for one hour and is open for anyone with a diagnosis of primary breast cancer.

Because of the Christmas holidays we will not be running a session on Thursday next week BUT we WILL run an EXTRA session on MONDAY 22ND DECEMBER

After that the next session will be on January 8th.

The forums will be open and our hosting team will be here over the whole holiday period so there will always be support for you here if you are feeling lonely or down or just feel like a break from the festivities.

I wish you all a good festive season and hope and happiness for the New Year

Best wishes


I’m new to all this - not only breast cancer, but also forums/live chat. What do I do, just type like this?

Well, that seemed to work.

Question. Anyone out there with lobular cancer? I was diagnosed with grade 2 lobular cancer last Friday. Lesion only 5mm, but surgeon wants MRI to see if it is multicentric. Says it will be difficult to read, as I have lost of cysts in my breast. I’m told only 15-20% of cancers are lobular, so I’m assuming most of you out there who are posting are in a different position. Any info gratefully received.


Hi Salopets,
Sorry you have to join this site, but there is a lot of support hereand no doubt ladies will get back to you wih similar cancer. The site is quite quiet at the moment, presume lots of last minute shopping and xmas stuff.
I’m just getting over a lumpectomy and awaiting more results. Try and take each day it comes and try also to push all the negative thoughts away as it won’t help.
Kind thoughts and hang in there

Hi Sal

This is my first time on here. I have been diagnosed with lobular cancer too. Got my mastectomy a week today then chemo and rads plus likely pills for I dont know how long. I hope you are doing OK you are obviously a bit further down the line than me.

Julie xx