Liver and Spine mets hope needed! <3

Hi everyone, 

I have actually joined this forum on behalf of mum who had a primary diagnosis of bc ER+ in 2015 had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then letrozole for 5 years. 

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic mums scans and bloods, last year were delayed by 6 months and we found out in November then mum had extensive liver mets (her largest tumour is about 8.8 cm which was really the scariest part)  and lower spine mets on one of her vertebrates all still ER +

Mums treatment now is Palbociclib, Anastrozole and Denosumab. I’ve seen some amazing and hopeful stories on here and was just wondering if people would maybe share some encouraging comments or experiences that I can maybe share with mum 

Big hugs to you all x

Hi Jenny87,

Thank you for your post.

It’s great to see that you find people’s stories helpful. You can also find more here:

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Hi Jenny,

My mums story is quite similar. Estrogen positive and she did have a lesion on her liver… mostly in her bones though. I’m not saying it to make you feel better or to give you false hope, because obviously it is a very serious disease and everyone responds differently to treatment, but estrogen positive does seem to be a good one to be able to control. My mum is also on a similar treatment plan to your mum, but instead of anastrazole she is on Letrozole… her last scan showed reduction in her spine, pelvis and her liver lesion had completely gone. 

You can easily get lost in the rabbit hole of google. Don’t go there!! The ladies on this forum helped keep my sanity!! Full of knowledge and inspiration. I can honestly say, it’s always at the back of our minds, but we get on with life in the same way we did before… When she was first diagnosed I felt like that was it. That we would never get back to ‘normal’ and our lives would be dark forever,  but we have got back to normal and there is light in the tunnel. 

Sending love to you and your mum! Xxx