Liver Cysts on Ultrasound - I am worried now!

Hi everyone, I didn’t know where else to put this post, so here goes! I am 2 years post diagnosis for Stage 2, Grade 2 Lobular B/C with nodes affected and removed. I had Chemo, Rads and now on Anastrozole for a year now. I have been feeling under the weather for a few months, but more so the past month or so, mainly with nausea, pain and uncomfortableness on the right side of my abdomen from belly button round to the back. I feel quite tired and lethargic and don’t feel like doing much at all, now have upper respiratory infection and on antibiotuics again. I had blood test done with no obvious problems fololowed by my GP arranging an ultrasound. In the meantime i saw my Specialist Breast nurse last Tuesday to check how things have been going and she could see that i was not feeling well. So she asked me to ring her after the ultrasound which i did with any info. She had left the office so i will be trying again tomorrow.

The scan nurse talked me through the scan and i have no signs of gallstones which they were hoping to see, but she said i had several liver cysts which will want further checks. After a brief chat she said to me that because of my history of B/C, there would be further tests to be done as any spread would go to the lungs or liver. So now i am thinking of nothing else this weekend while at the same time trying to cope with feelinf rubbish. I don’t want to start overthinking this, can anyone help me?

Cheers, Michele x

Hi michele. Its only natural for u to be worried having a bc history and i completely understand that u cant think of anything else. Firstly this may be sumthing else altogether and its good your medical team are taking it seriously and that you are having more tests. Its awful waiting for results because our minds are our worst enemy. Secondly IF its cancer again then rhere are so many treatments out there now and the sooner you start on meds the better. But pls dont jump the gun …hard to do i know. If the worst happens you will get so much support from this site but i am keeping my fingers crossed that you dont have to joun us!

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Hi ladies, when i was diagnosed with skin mets this year i was told that the shadow on my liver had gone from 6mm to 8mm…i was devastated as my liver had never ever been mentioned in the 3 years from my original dx. Pet/mri scan revealed it was nothing more than a cyst…or so they say. I’m finding it difficult to have faith in anything after being misdaignosed and untreated for 6 months but please try to believe them…i’m sure your scans are right.x

Thank you everyone for your  kind words to a panicky worrier! I never used to worry about anything before I guess it’s just what happens to your brain when you have cancer it changes your mindset!

I have had all the tests done and apart from the Liver Cysts (and the irregular heart rhythm due to the treatment) I am okay i think!

I have been advised just be aware of any changes anywhere and if I get another flareup on the right side to let them know and they will check me. I see my Breast Surgeon in March to go through things before they refer me over to the Open Access Unit at the local hospital where I will be seen by the Specialist Nurse Team after that. I have my 2nd Mammo next month so fingers crossed.

Cheers, Michele x