Liver function results


I finished Chemo in Oct and had liver function tests due to nausea and a ct scan, which was clear. Since then I have had regular blood tests to check things were getting better. A month ago the hosp did them and I got a phone call saying they were fine, but no further information.
Last week I went to my gp and asked if he had the actual results he said no but could take some blood and test it. Tonight he phone to say that the results were back and my ALT - the level they were monitoring was just about back to normal ( 43, when 40 is normal) but then said my gamma gt was 95 when 40 is normal for that. I have never heard this one mentioned before and as he has no other results cannot tell me what the trend is ith this whether it is getting better or what. When I asked what now? He couldn’t say. I will talk to my BCN in the morning but am imagining all sorts now. Am currently on herceptin and lansaprozole. Anyone know anything about this enzyme? Have tried googling but am not getting very far.


Sorry I can’t help with technical details - but thinking of you today and hoping your BCN is helpful and that it’s nothing to worry about too much.

Hi Debs,

hope you managed to get in touch with your BCN, I found these website re the lft’s, GGT included.
Hope it helps a bit!

Thanks ladies. Spoke to oncs sec who passed on my concerns to my onc. Got a message back through saying that ggt is a v sensitive test ( it can be raised by lansaprozole which I am on ) and that on it’s own is not considered evidence of a prob, especially as the ALT level is going down ( if that was not going down they might be more likely to investigate) also that my gamma gt has been at that same level since before my ct scan in Dec and is getting no worse. So they think that either it is drugs, fatty liver or Chemo damage. They will continue to monitor it but as I have no other symptoms, the other levels are returning to normal and had a clear ct scan they are not concerned.

Just wish my gp had been a bit more thoughtful about dropping this information on me at 5.45 last night with no insight whatsoever and then left me to stew and search out my own answers.


Hi Debs

Just seen your post and am so relieved for you that it was good news.

Hope all is well and you find a simple reason for the nausea - one you can solve. xxx Jane