Liver mets advice please

I was dx with primary and secondary BC right from the star in oct 2010. I was 55. I am her2- and 100% ER pos. started on EC with good response and had lumpectomy on my 4cm tumour. I was also started on zometa, also had 4 weeks of rads. Started on exemestane which worked for nearly a year but awful SEs, then went on to tamoxifen which worked for about 8 months but resulted in progression to liver. Lots of small mets. Doctor prescribed Docetaxol which was tough! He reduced the dose after session one. I saw it through and was pleased with great results in the bones, and good shrinkage in the liver.onc started me on Anastrozole in May after post chemo CT. NOw here is where I need your advice/experience please!
Been on Anastrazole 12 weeks. My appetite has steadily got worse and have had a lot of stress (happily) with my daughters wedding last Saturday. Felt exhausted after fantastic day but developed a worsening gastric problem with wind, burping, pale number 2s etc. saw GP and he confirmed enlarged tender liver and put me on steroids which are having a good response already. Sent me for blood test today for liver function result. He is also going to communicate with onc suggesting an urgent scan. He is worried mets might be kicking off again. I see onc next Thursday anyway.
Any comments would be helpful. Thanks xxx

hI Ramsfan its good to hear from you…How fab you were able to arrend your daughters wedding last week…these family occasions take on an added significance in our situation dont they!!..I was at my sons graduation a few weeks ago (a degree in the middle of his medicine course) and couldnt help but think would I be around for his graduation with his medical degree in 2 years time?!

Im sorry to hear that things havent been so good since…

Pale stools may indicate a blockage of some kind to your bile duct…the blockage (obstructive) type picture would also be picked up in blood tests. I guess all investigations would be directed at finding out why. There are lots of causes one of which is because of mets…but rarely anastrozole can cause it and there are other causes too. Your onc  will probably start investigating next week. If it were me I might try and discuss with the BCN first to see if she is able/wants to organise a scan (possibly ultrasound scan) of your liver before your appt so that the onc can decide what to do next at your appt…but that may not be possible. Best wishes. Pamx