Liver mets and eribulin

hi all


hope everyone is as well as they can be at the moment!


im currently stuck in hospital (Royal marsden) at the moment because I have had big progression in my liver and its inflamed and is affecting my stomach. I had pneuminitis on the e/e combo and to cut a long story short am blowing through all my treatment options. This is a really scary time and I’m struggling with it big style. 


Has as anyone with liver mets had eribulin and if so any good results? I know we don’t react to these treatments the same - just want to hear some good stories. If this doesn’t work I don’t know what I’m going to do…

many thanks for reading

jo x

hi smitch. dont know but am starting on it next week also at marsden so lets keep in touch as see how we both go. although i have liver lungs and bones tend to hang out on cutaneous mets - don’t know why they are a lovely bunch of gals! dont forget about all the trials at the marsden as well so lots of options yet xx

Hi Jo


Had 6 months on Eribulin and then was given a spell. I have extensive bone and liver mets and went well on this chemo with some mets reducing. Each scan showed stable or improvement so I think it’s a goody. My onc will look at using it again maybe. Am currently on Tamoxifen and have been well for 12 months. I had no side effects not even hair loss so v happy with it. Hope it works well for you

smitch do you mean me? I’m at Chelsea xx

wow! smjatich so pleased for you and i amjust about to start eribulin as well so makes me feel really positive. well sone you ss

by the way smatich going to have mr dose on thursday afternoon at chelsea.  ill be wearing a black and white bobble  hat to cover my increasing awful and thinng hair x

do you mean the day unit? yes thanks for he info on gamma readings i’ll get my blood results and get the nurse to explain them all. though i think it may all be a bit depressing as i haven’t had chemo for some time. 

I too have just started this treatment! Finished paclitaxol last summer, good response, 6 months on tamoxifen, further reduction but some slight progression in liver shown (lungs, and bones stable!) last week. I have also been extremely fatigued and numbness down left leg and muscle weakness and two spots have been found in brain! Awaiting an Mri scan to confirm to see if I can have stereotactic radiotherapy for that! Was diagnosised with secondaries from start in sept 2010 and had a very good run with letrozole for 4 years!! Cape did nothing for me either apart from wreck my stomach!
Glad Erubilin in doable! Hopefully will work!

I still haven’t had an app for mri, which is very unusual for my hospital as they are usually very quick with everything! Have spoken to Onc unit today who are going to chase it up! A head scan was done because I became very weak in legs, numbness/pins and needles in left leg, right foot and hand! Over the last 3 weeks it has gradually got worse to the point I’m now using crutches and a wheelchair!!! I feel ok from the chemo though apart from tiredness!
I did speak to a friend of a friend etc… Who had exactly the same and once she had the radiotherapy is was sorted! Just getting very frustrated as this time last year I had had 3 ski trips!!!
Glo xx