liver mets

I had my op 4 weeks ago and last week was diagnosed with liver mets, the onc has put me on Tamoxifen until she gets HER result and I have bone scan etc. I started itching last week and to my horror have some jaundice in my face now. This has made me feel so down, will I be jaundiced permanently? I am really struggling to cope now and have zero energy levels. Any advice would be appreciated.


Itching is an allergy thing isn’t it so I wonder if the Tamoxifen is not right for you. The oncs should know about that. I feel for you with the jaundice. A manky gall bladder gave it to me before I ditched it. It hurts doesn’t it.
I just know that the liver processes the waste products in your body so perhaps it is under-performing because of your op. Fingers crossed it might settle down.

Thoughts Rufrikins

Hi Allie,

Sorry you’ve been dx with mets so quickly. The same happened to myself, I was dx with bone mets a couple of weeks after my mastectomy…it’s a lot to take in. I now have lung and liver mets (initial dx 2yrs ago). The itching will probably be to do with your liver. I have had the same problem primarily at night so GP prescribed piriton which has done the trick.

Hopefully you’ll get your treatment plan sorted quickly which will start to work on your liver and hopefully alleviate the jaundice, can’t see why it shouldn’t improve.

Keep in touch and let us know how things are going.

Love Twinkle xoxo

Dear Twinkle

I am desperate to know what lung mets might mean. I have posted a new discussion about this, I don’t know if I have lung mets, I have been told different things by my oncologist and his registrar who I normally see. They think it might even be a second primary cancer which I know if incredibly unlucky. Lung cancer sounds so much worse, how different is this from secondary breast cancer with lung mets?

I’m so confused…

Cecelia. x

Thanks to all regarding the itching.
Have got some piriton for the itching at night and at the moment it isn’t too bad, though still a bit banana coloured, no worse than some of these fake tans though :slight_smile:
Cecelia, sorry to hear about the new problem you have, I think the treatments for primary and secondary lung cancer are very similar though except if your primary cancer is in the breast then if you were ER+, PR+ they will try hormones also. Take care