liver scan results

Macmillan nurse phoned to say that two cysts were found on the liver scan and they want me to have either another ultrasound scan or CT scan. Anyone else had this? Was shellshocked yesterday but am ok today.


Hi Starkie
when i was having all my tests (CT scan) they found something on my liver and decided they wanted to do a liver biopsy. I was so scared and when I got there, they prepared me for it and then decided that they were not going to do a biopsy because they didn’t think it was anything so they did an ultrasound scan instead and thought it was a lesion or something. I’ve had all my chemo now and had a liver scan yesterday to check to see whether it’s still there and the radiologist said it was and that it was just a collection of blood vessels which is very common as are cysts so phew! Basically what I’m saying is people do have things on their liver like cysts and blood vessels which are actually nothing but they need to be checked. I’m not just saying it to make you feel better it’s true loads of people have cysts which are nothing so hope that makes you feel a bit better and more positive.
RebzAmy xxx