Liver scan

Hello there

I have not written for a while. I had my 5th FEC last week and was told one of the blood tests was high and the onchologist had asked for a liver scan. I was doing very well considering, now I am worried. Has any one else had this problem please.

Hi Croft,

Sometimes your liver tests can go abit awry during chemo, it’s not uncommon. As a precaution they often do an ultrasound scan of the liver, just to make sure it’s ok. I’m sure there are other ladies on here who had had elevated ‘LFT’'s as they are called and had to have a scan.


Hi Croft

My GP picked up on the fact that my LFT (liver function test?) was outside the normal range. I queried this with the onc and the chemo nurse. Both said it is common for this to happen and although high, my reading wasn’t unusual. I’d recently had a liver scan which was absolutely fine; my onc said that otherwise he would have had one done as a precaution. Bear in mind that one of the functions of your liver is to “clean up” toxins from the body and chemo puts it under quite a strain. It is good that your onc is looking after you and making sure everything is OK, but try not to worry.

Cheers. Stockbeck

Thanks very much I feel much better now.

Croft x