liver scan

I just had a liver ultrasound scan an hour ago and am feeling quite terrified in case the cancer is also there. Had a mastectomy 5 weeks ago and last week had a bone scan which I have also been worried about.

Hi Starkie

Hope you get good news with your liver scan and your bone scan and will keep everything crossed for you.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care

I can really sympathise. I had a liver ultrasound on Tuesday because one of my liver function tests hasn’t been right for a while and I get pain in that area. However, I was very fortunate and I was told straightaway that it all looked ok. I hope that you get the result quickly and that is is also clear.

All the best


thank you both for replying. It said on the covering letter that result wld take 14 days!! Felt the technician thought there was soemthing but didn’t say.


Hi Starkie

The waiting is always difficult. I’ll keep thinking of you and hoping the results will be good - do let us know… Kay

Hi Starkie,
That’s a long time to wait for results. I had to wait 2 days which was bad enough. Will be thinking about you.
Take care

The only time I had a liver ultrasound scan [long before cancer diagnosis and current hospital practices], the radiographer told me at the time that it was clear. I was also able to watch the scan being done. How things have changed!

Macmillan nurse phoned today and bone scan results are fine was so relieved I creid but she says liver scan results will be next week. The waiting is the worst thing of all.