Living alone with SBC

Anyone out there who is living alone with secondary breast cancer? Or changed their living arrangements because of their SBC? After living as a lodger with some very nice people for over a year I currently have the opportunity of renting a flat alone again. Feeling very nervous about taking up the opportunity both for emotional wellbeing (I’ve realised how much I like company) and practical reasons (e.g. if I need medical attention and can’t get to a phone). But I dread becoming a burden on my current landlords as I get sicker. The flat on offer is more accessible but the area feels less safe. Anyone faced a similar situation or have any advice?
Thanks in advance for any replies.

Sorry I can’t help as  am living with my lovely supportive partner but wanted you to know your post has been seen and now bumped up.


I know there are people with SBC living on thier own and some who have landed up that way due to partners lack of support. Hopefully someone in a similar situation to you will come and give you some advice about how they cope.


Best luck xx

Hello T


I live alone with SBC. It is worrying. I worry about when I begin to get really ill and not able to look after myself. also about when I will not be able to work the financial consequences.  I do have friends that would help out but it is not the same. Glad to hear yourt trial is still going well though . I have just finished the PARP trial as after 6 months it has stopped working. Just found out today and they are looking at another trial- finesse - dont know much about it or if not eligible, Carboplatin. Take care SS 

Thank tou Tournesal. Same to you. x