Living Breast Free

Hello Ladies,


I was just wondering if many of you out there are living without reconstruction or considering not having reconstruction. If not yourself, maybe you know somebody who has opted to have mastectomy but no reconstruction, preferring to live breast free?


The reason I ask is that I made this choice for myself and have absolutely no regrets and wanted to promote the benefits of living after breast cancer treatment without breasts. I have looked for more people having chosen not to have reconstruction but though they are obviously out there, there doesn’t seem to be very many of them. I don’t know if this si because they have moved on and don’t bother with these web sites or forums anymore or if there are just so few of them and I’d be talking to myself?! 


If you would like to know more or you know others who would be interested in my experiences, I’d really love to hear from you, either via this forum or private message (which I assume is possible from this web site)


Thank you in advance.



Hi Josi,

It might be worth your while posting this in the reconstruction forum as people there discuss the pros and cons of reconstruction.

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Jo, Moderator

I am not having recon.  Having had left side mx in June 2012 all I want is the right off to lose the lopsided effect.  Currently I dont wear the prothesis as I find it uncomfortable, just scarves and loose shirts.  We are out there!

Hi Josi


I had left mx without recon on 12th December 2012. I haven’t regretted it once. 


Kahren, you took the words right out of my mouth. Everything you said was me to a T.  If I got a new primary on the other side, I wouldn’t hesitate to have another mx. I think OH would have something to say if I had it off for no reason, but if I was alone, that is what I would want.


Best Wishes


poemsgalore xx

I had a bilateral Mx in April , no recon and no regrets.

Initially (nov 2012) I had a RMx with a temporary implant and full lymph clearance.

They did a left breast reduction at the same time as I was going to have a DIEP. When they did the routine analysis of my left breast tissue after the reduction they found that there was cancer in there too…despite an MR I showing it as clear.

I had to argue but eventually they did the bilateral and I am much happier. I have secondaries so they initially said that the bilateral was futile…but I just wanted every bit of removable cancer to be gone.

I wear prosthesis and because it is both sides I was able to choose my size…some days I just go flat…no regrets at all and much more comfortable - for me anyway, than the implant was…

I am on LETROZOLE and am having encouraging results with that.