Living with Breast Cancer course at Poole

Living with Breast Cancer course at Poole

Living with Breast Cancer course at Poole Hi

Is anyone else booked for the Living with Breast Cancer course at Poole at the end of March.

Clare (S)

I’m Going! Hi Clare
Yes, I’m going to that too. I went to a Healthy Living Day run by BCC last July when I was still having treatment and it really helped a lot to meet other women going through the same stage and to be given positive ways to help myself feel better with taster sessions of Tai Chi, aromatherapy and a useful discussion on healthy eating. Plus we had a delicious lunch and everyone was really friendly and supportive. So I am looking forward to the two day course in Poole. Unfortunately, I don’t live near Poole (do you?), but I will be staying with my sister at Milford.
Look forward to seeing you there? Hope you are feeling well.
Love, Ann X

Hi Ann

I’m staying at the Hotel on the Thursday night only as I live just over an hour away, it will be nice to have a get together with other BC ladies, I see your a midwife, I also work in the NHS as a secretary. Look forward to meeting you in March.

Take Care

Clare (S)

hi clare, i to am going to poole, i am also booked to stay one night as my hubby will bring me there thursday morning.
i wonder if we have to share rooms?
well i am all excited now. can’t wait to meet you.
you can check my profile but now have a head of hair.

see you soon. sharon. x

Wish we still lived in Poole, we moved to North Scotland 5 years ago, not seen anything like that around here!

Hope you all have a great time.

Luv Lynn x

Living with breast cancer courses information for Lynn Hi Lynn
You will find information about this course in an area nearer to you via the following link:

alternativley, you are welcome to contact our helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm for information about Breast Cancer Care courses and support days in your area.

Kind regards
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when is it Hi i am new to this website and have just read your post about the course in poole at the end of march i live in poole and was wondering when it is?
i would love to meet people who have been through the same i am 32 and finished chemo in august had masectomy in september and have just retured to work.

love clarey

Dear clarey The course you have requested information about is the ‘Living with breast cancer’ course and will be held in Poole on the 22nd March, for further details of the course please see the above post made to Lynn which contains a link and the Breast Cancer Care helpline number which you can contact for further information and to find out if there are any places left on this particular one. Hope this helps.

Kind regards
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