Living with secondary breast cancer - 14th September - Birmingham

If you would like to meet other women with secondary breast cancer and gain relevant information and support, then our free ‘Living with secondary breast cancer’ course may be right for you.

This course is for anyone diagnosed with secondary breast cancer (cancer that has spread to another part of the body).

This event consists of two separate days, approximately six weeks apart. Each day includes a number of sessions aimed at supporting you with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis.

Day one

Overview of treatments for people living with secondary breast cancer
Focus on fatigue
Stress and relaxation

Day two

Information sharing session
The group decides the other sessions for the day from a selection.

For more information telephone 0808 800 6000 or
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Would love to come to one of these courses but travelling is a problem… anything happening in westcountry, Bristol or Exeter would be good?

Hi Wisden

I have spoken to our staff in the South and although they are planning some Living with Secondary Breast Cancer in the near future, there are no definite dates set at the moment.
I appreciate that travelling can be a problem but Breast Cancer Care can provide overnight accommodation to break the journey. If this is a possibility or you would like further information please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Kind Regards
Breast Cancer Care

Interested in any taking place in or around London area.


thanks for that… another subject how do i get to join in on tues eve I triedlast night but need a nickname howdo I get one, I tied to send you a privatemessage but couldnt perhaps you can help? My brain has gone to sludge

ditto re session in the west country please!!

Ditto Treakle

Any in London or Essex area … would be interested in them.


Hello any in the Portsmouth/southamton area

I’ve been told that there will be a course held in Kent during October/November, possibly in Canterbury.

I wish it was spread over two consecutive days. Two separate days are more disruptive in terms of time off work, and it doubles the amount of time I have to spend travelling :frowning:

Any news on dates for the South East yet? I assume that the ones planned in Kent for October/November aren’t going ahead after all!

Not wishing to sound dramatic or anything, but it’s not like I can wait indefinitely…