Living with Secondary Breast Cancer Overview Day in London

Living with Secondary Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Care is running ‘overview of secondary breast cancer’ day in London the day provide an update on available treatments, information on fatigue, details of additional support and the chance to participate in a relaxation session.

London 18th October

Please see the link for a copy of the programme of the day

Sessions will then run on a monthly basis with the chance to chat and share experiences with others with a secondary diagnosis. You’ll be able to talk openly with people who understand what it means to live with secondary breast cancer. It’s also a unique opportunity to increase your knowledge as we run longer sessions with guest expert speakers every other month. Topics include pain management, fatigue, benefits, and an ‘Ask the nurse’ session with a clinical nurse specialist.

For more information or to register for of the Overview day or the monthly meet ups contact us on 0845 077 1893 or email

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Hi ,
Where is the next secondary course in sheffield ???

Rosie chin xx

Hi Rosie chin

I am not sure but will ask the services team to respond with any information they have in the next few days

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Lucy , thank you xx

Hi Rosie Chin

The next meet up in sheffield is on Thursday 6th September 11.00 - 13.00 and a speaker session on pain management is on Thursday 4th October 11.00 - 15.00 . The venue is in the city centre.

Please contact us on 0845 077 1893 or email for more information.

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Any one going to Edinburgh 04Sept.
I’m coming from Glenrothes by car and could give a lift if you live not to far.


Booked in for London session on 18th. Looking forward to meeting others in similar situation.

I’m hoping to go to some future London sessions but probably not the first one - would also like to have the opportunity to meet others in the London area from time to time.


Mildred1602 and Tournesol, look forward to meeting you both in the flesh xx

I’m booked on the London day in Oct, as are some others from here. Will be lovely to meet those going in the ‘flesh’. I live in the North of England but am turning it into a mini-hols to meet the lovely friends from chat and stay with my sister. Any excuse for a break!

Hi, I’m booked for London Day in October too and looking forward to meeting everyone

I’m coming down to Edinburgh from Aberdeen. Staying overnight Monday cos I can’t cope with teh otherwise early start on Tuesday!!

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I wouldn’t say it’s compulsory, lizcat, but it might not be a bad idea!

I’ll make sure there are plenty of spare sticky labels.

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Nice one, Steph!!

Anyone else planning to go to the next London meetup in a couple of weeks?

Where in London is the meeting?