LizzieT and Sarah35

Hi Lizzie and Sarah

Have just caught your posts. What hope and inspiration they have given me. I am going in for totally aux clearance, mastectomy and LD recon 28th of this month. It is really great to have some insight as what to expect. So thank you.
Anymore useful tips - how long were you in hospital for?

Hope you are both feeling better as each day passes - relax and take things easy.

Look forward to chatting

Take Care

Anne x

Hi Anne, sorry you are having to join this rollercoaster of emotions but I am sure you will find loads of inspriation and tips here.

I went in last Tuesday and came home on the Saturday but possible could have on the Friday. The pain hasn’t been too bad at all as I had nerve blockers put in my back and am thriled with the result - looks a bit swollen but really good, even with the nipple gone.

Best tips I can give are, buy the secret support tops from Marks and Spencer, they are great for support and keeping drains in place. Front opening pyjamas are a must- couldn’t put anything over my head yet. Try and find a bag that can go across yuor body stopping at the waist to hold the drains - they are a real pain to drag around otherwise. Lastly, they do give you lots of painkillers which can bung you up, so be embarressed to ask for laxatives!!!

Good luck and I am trying to rest but getting quite bored already - drains are not a great accessory if I want to go out!!!

S x x x

Hi Anne,
Was just browsing the site and caught a glimpse of my name! So sorry to hear your news but well done for posting.

My hospital experience has been slightly different from Sarah’s and I think you’ll find all hospitals and surgeons have different ways of working. I was in hospital until the Monday (7 days). They wouldn’t let me leave until the drains were out. I now have a collection of fluid on my back (called a seroma) which is quite common, not painful just a little annoying and odd and have to have it drained with a syringe. This will eventually stop (I hope). The hospital I was in gave us pillow cases to carry our drains around. I was also advised to bring a sports bra with me and I have to wear it for 3 months, including in bed.

I took one of those squidgy pillows to prop my arm up as it got a bit uncomfortable. The first few days of hospital were difficult but it is all a blur now. It is amazing how quickly you start to feel ok. I have been for walks and am enjoying all the attention!

Definately go for the laxatives!

I love my new breast, it’s exactly the same shape as my other one just a big bigger due to swelling. As soon as I came round from the op I had a look. I also had a nipple reconstruction at the same time, haven’t seen this yet, still has dressings on.

All the best for 28th. Feel free to ask any other questions.
Liz x

Dear Sarah and Lizzie

Thank you so much for your replies and tips. It is good to hear that it is not has painful as you expected. Still getting a little discomfort from my WLE and SNB. Achy really.
How many drains did you have?
Once the surgery is done and I am recovered I can start getting my head around chemo.

What are the plans for you two?

Take care,


Anne x

Hi Anne, I had two drains, one from recon breast and one from back. The back one is still going strong 12 days later - 65 ml today, they will take it out when down to 30ml.

Brief history of me - 4 years ago had 1.4cm lump, so had lumpectomy, 2 layes of lymoh nodes removed, 6 x FEC chemo then 4 weeks rads, put on tamoxifen and Zoladex, tolerated Zoladex so had ovaries removed and went on exemastane.

Everything was going well until routine mamo this summer and high grade DCIS was diagnosed so had no option but to go for mastectomy. Get results from surgery on Wednesday and hopefully if it was DCIS and not invasive nothing else needed - so fingers crossed. Not sure what they will do if invasive? I am having mastectomy onother side next year - but that is my choice as I feel at 38 to have had it twice isn’t great so probably better to get rid off all breast tissue that I can.

Feeling better each day though and have quite a lot of movement in my arm now.

S x x x

Hi Anne,
I had three drains, two in my back and one in the front.
I was diagnosed on 15th August so this is new to me. I also get my results of the op on Wednesday (will be thinking of you Sarah). I will beon tamoxifen and they have mentioned zoladex. I am likely to have chemo due to my age (30). If the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes then I’ll have to have rads. Hoping this won’t have to happen as this could affect the shape of the implant and I like it the way it is.
If you are nipple reconstruction straight away then take tops that are bigger than what you would normall wear. Due to the thick dressing they put on my new breast and I do my shirts up.
All the best,
Liz x

Hi Sarah and Lizzie

Thank you for all you replies and handy hints. Have also been following your other post. Lizzie - hope you have recovered from sat night. Good to hear you felt well enough to go even if you snuck out earlier. Now what you mean about hugs - keep getting them and am still sore from WLE.
After my surgery - I too have to have chemo - Dr said possible end of October - something to look forward, and then rads after. I am 40 with two children 5 and 3.

I am not having nipple reconstruction - if I want that - it will be sometime next year. My dr is hoping rads only to arm - so hopefully will not damage implant.

Just getting organsied for friday - seems all of a sudden to of come round.

Take Care, Love

Anne x

Anne - good luck and lots of love for Friday. I know what you mean about getting organised - I just kept stocking up the cupboards and did schedules on the fridge of homework and after school clubs etc. My husband did comment that he knew where Sainsbury’s was!!

What have you told your children about the op? At that age they are too young to understand which in a way makes it easier. My youngest was 6 when I had my chemo and one morning announced in that really clear voice they have to the whole playground that his mum had no hair left and looked really funny!!! I think at that age they just accept everything and carry on. He is now 10 and thinks boobs coming from back muscles is hilarous!

Anyway - good luck and take it easy afterwards and keep in touch.

Lots of Love

Sarah x x x