local reoccurrance

hi everyone i am 58 and was diagnosed with bc fifteen months ago with changes in spine and cells in lung. had fec which wiped it out and put on arimidex. now breast lump has returned and having op last scan other bits were still clear but that was may. had chest xray month ago and all good. cant understand why they wont change my arimedex if it hasnt stopped local reoccurrance. also had a lot of stress with kids leaving home and friend dieing and have now devoloped a wheezy type cough when i get stressed. saw onc monday and didnt cough once when i was talking to him so he was not convinced. would appreciate any body with knowledge of local reoccurance or stress symptons.

Hi terri

I’ve just been diagnosed with my 3rd recurrence, I have been taking Letrozole for 12 months, it obviously hasn’t worked so have stopped and been put on Tamoxifen. I don’t understand why your hormone treatment hasn’t been changed if your current one is not working.

I also think stress is a contributing factor, no proof.

Best wishes.


hi jan i think one of the reasons they havnt changed my hormones is because they havnt seen any evidence of the secondary returning but the primary has surley that is the same. have u got any secondarys along with your reoccurrance.