LOL - Time for Something A Bit More Uplifting? (No pun)

C is such a serious business and believe me I’ve done my share of crying but you would go mad if you didn’t develop a sense of humour as a crutch to help you through all this. Someone on here has just made me chuckle with her latest post. How about a LOL thread where we can perhaps cheer each other up a bit by sharing any humorous things that have happened to us lately? 

Great idea!  x

Great idea, as I do worry about making light of peoples comments but sometimes this blooming thing is so ridiculous that all you can do is laugh about what happens to us.  I hope it wasnt my post about swimming that caused such mirth…I did try to temper it!


Brilliant idea!!! :womanvery-happy:  Keep them coming. I have secondary BC but fortunately it has not taken away my sense of humour, for which I am very grateful. Keep smling all you lovely ladies:smileyvery-happy:

Suze xxx

Haha to FeistyFlora…

I just had a funny moment  today when I realised I had put my vest on back to front…now in the ‘old days’ my mother would have told me not to change it whatever the circumstances as it would be unlucky…however, today I laughed at the irony of being a 50 something woman who until very recently had breasts that benefitted from the wonders of modern undergarment engineering to keep them off the floor to someone who only wears a vest…and I might add I wear it very proudly and on days when I feel very brave nothing at all under my tops…


I am now laughing out loud because when I search for myself I can only locate Dogging and apparently I am MrsDogging…

I have just had my critical illness cover payout and when my sister on law found out she said ‘But you didn’t die’ !!

Now theres a thought…The Vest Club…I love going without in fact as long as I am wearing patterned or a dark top I always do, I just need to be a bit discreet when wearng anything diaphanous as it feels unfair to my customers!

Can I join the vest club?


I’m 6 weeks post mastectomy and still find wearing a bra uncomfortable. But I’m an F cup so it’s just a bit noticeable if I don’t wear my falsie.


So now I’ve got my permanent prosthesis, I’ve tacked my temporary softie onto the outside of an old vest and wear it under a baggy top when I’m at home. Not perfect, but good enough if someone comes to the door.

Here here, Feistyflora…


I agree 100% on the humor and thank you all for the funnies. 

Oh feistyflora you have my head spinning, and i hope you wont take offence…
The images of swiss roll, harmonicas, and other useful items tucked away led my mind to you packing for a budget airline holiday and all being well til that pesky harmonica set off the metal detectors. The crowning glory is the security staff faces as they wonder at the items forth coming from the little useful space so brilliantly utilised by one fiesty flora.

However in my heart of hearts i suspect you are way above budget airlines x x

My OH continually complained about my non-ability to wash up effectively unware that it was an intentional ploy to get him to purchase a dishwasher…the week I had surgery he purchased - yes you guessed - a dishwasher…every cloud has a silver lining x

He he fiesty flora… my daughter did similar when explaining the No Swearing rules in her camp shared with her cousin who had family members famed for swearing. Nanny asked her to spell it so she did…C (and Nanny thought ohhh noooooo…RAP… phew!!!