London Conference 18/04/06

London Conference 18/04/06

London Conference 18/04/06 Just wondering if anyone is attending the conference (Medicine & me) in London on 18/04/06?

Especially interested to ‘touch base’ with anybody travelling up from Wales.


I’m going but I will be coming from East London - my mum’s welsh (from Swansea)


Me too Also coming from east London…we meet at last Mole.

Daphne is also going. Anyone else?


Sounds interesting Used to go to a lot of academic conferences before this all kicked off guess I’ll go along too, first I’ve hear about it though, how did ye go about registering? I assume it’s a free for all. I’ve just emailed a contact I found by googling it.

-£20? Any way around forking out the £20? I’m on benefit at the moment, bit steep for an afternoon listening to academics tell me about the patient’s journey, but I do want to go…

Report back? I can’t go, just looked at calandar got my daughter’s German exchange student arriving that afternoon. Maybe you guys could report back?

Conference Hi Adele - I’m travelling from Bristol - on a train from Swansea- arriving Paddington midday so if you want to meet up on the journey let me know and we’ll sort out how to do it.

I look forward to seeing Jane again. Mole, I’m looking forward to meeting you too.


£20 I’ve asked BCC to get me in for free, filled in the form and sent it to them. I’m on a list of people that BCC consult with for some issues, suggest anyone who wants to go does the same thing

Daphne & £20 Daphne
I waiting for BCC to confim my travel arrangements - I’ll let you know.

Ref £20 (sorry can’t remember who asked about this)
If you become a member of the campaign panel you can go for free (they ask for your views/experiences etc on various topics, they send you questionnaires quite regularly).

I look forward to meeting you all there. It will be nice to put some faces to the names, especialy after reading so many of your postings over the last 10 months.


I’ll be there! Hi
I’ll be at the conference too, and would love to meet up with you all. Adele and Daphne - I’ll also be joining the Paddington train, probably getting on at Reading.

I’m going! I can go I think - thanks for advise about the £20 - I emailed BCC today to get on the campaign panel so hopefully they’ll process me in time to cover the conference fee. Looking forward to meeting y’all!

I’m going too Sounds like it will interesting and I’m now booked in.

Will be nice to see some familar faces along with some new ones.


—Post deleted —Hi Adele

I have deleted your post regarding travel arrangements for the conference because of the identifyable detail contained within it. Please post again omitting some of the detail.

BCC Moderator

Just a shame emails can’t be exchanged to be more discrete.

to the moderator Hi,
Do you have any suggestions how I can contact Adele and Daphne about meeting up on the way to the conference?

—Deleted post —Hi Ellie

The post was deleted as it gave detail of where the poster would be staying - please remember these posts are available for anyone to read and this should be borne in mind when posting.

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Hi ellie If you’re ellie from the old board then you have my e-mail and I have Daphne’s so you can get in touch that way…

look forward to meeting you again if you’re the same ellie (and also if you’re not!)


Cost of conference waived Hi all

I would just like to point out that the fee will be waived for anyone personally affected by breast cancer. You can find more details on this site at

I’m going… Just got my registration form from BCC and the £20 fee is waived for the likes of us.

Look forward to seeing you all there,