London Conference 18/04/06 You can contact others via the personal message system on the above forum.

Hi Jane Yes, it’s me! Ellie from the old boards. It will be good to see you again. I’ll email you later. Thanks, Ellie

— Seems I put too much detail in my post!!!

I’m going up quite early in the morning (I’ll be in Paddington by 10.00am), so it’ll probably be there a lot early than most of you.

Is anybody staying the night?

I’ll see you all up there (I’ll be the one looking very tired).


Conference It looks like a lot of you are going to be together for the conference. Someone should take a camera and perhaps we will see the photo some day.

Looking forward to some feedback


meeting up Hi
I don’t know how many people are attending the conference, so how difficult it will be to find each other. But BCC will have a stand at the venue, so maybe we could all meet there.