Due to the success of the meet up last year, in London, in August, organised by Wonder, it has been decided to do it all again!
So, all those wishing to attend, will be meeting on 9th August, at named venue. Please contact me with a private message for details on time and place. Remember to bring money for food and drinks!!!
Look forward to seeing you there
deb xx

sorry, dont go on here much, but should have put this thread in ‘meet up’ section!

Hi Debs,

I hope to make it, and will PM you for the details.Think we may need to move this post though as I’m not sure people have spotted it.

Little H xx

how do i move it?
or do i just do another!

Hi Debs

I will move this thread for you.

Besy wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hope to be there x

thank you so much Sam. was going to email you tomorrow!
deb x

Sam (moderator). I don’t think this is the appropriate section (it is a sub forum of the ‘Living with Secondary cancer’). I think the secondary people might be getting a bit bored of the misuse of this forum as it causes confusion and embarrassment. Maybe ‘in your area’ would be better.

oh dear, what have i started!
Roberta, I had seen the thread for meet ups in the secondary sections, and did wonder if this was right! can the meet up header be moved, as it is confusing?

Hi Roberta and Debs

I will move this thread to the ‘In your area’ section. I will also pass your suggestion on Debs.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Best wishes Sam

Thanks Sam. Please do pass the suggestion on (have reported this confusion before and nothing’s been done).

Debs66, good luck with meet up.


seems the meet up is being lost in the thread move now

Bumping this up!

thank you Sam and Roberta. Lets hope it gets sorted!

Found your thread Debs hope you are well and looking forward to seeing you again. Can you pm the details when you can.

Best wishes JUDY X

I will be on holiday on the 9th , but otherwise would loved to have come.

Hi Deb,
Wondered if I too could have details about London meet up?
It depends where and when you meet on the 9th as to whether I can get there.
I live in Kent but don’t seem to match any other region in the county so as my train line goes into Victoria maybe a London meet would be best.
I have ‘spoken’ to you before so I will PM you too, if you don’t mind???

Thanks Deb, Welsh girl

hi welsh girl. have sent you a pm. hope you can make it, and that you are doing ok.
deb x

judy, have pm you to!

I will be there Debs, all the girls were so helpful to me last year and it was so good to meet everyone!!
Will get details from you! Debs xxx

Save me a seat, I’ll get the right pub first time this time lol x