long hair

i saw some of you mentioned cold caps what are they?My hair is very long and thick would like to save some if possible!Vanity!

Hi Donata,


Cold caps are literally a hat that keeps your head cold. Here is a  link to explain all about hair loss. Chapter 17 is about cold caps.





If you have VERY long hair, you might have to have it shortened a little. Sometimes, when using cold cap, some hair will still fall out, but a  lot of ladies have used it with success.



Hi donata I was diagnose just over 2 months ago I have had surgery but am now awaiting to start 6 months chemo.  Like you I have long thick hair and am really worried about the effect on losing it. I enquired about cold cap and these are a few things I was told I hope they help a bit> 

You have to have cold cap at first treatment as cannot be added after.

Some ladies have kept some hair but had thinning on top and patchy bits.

Some lost hair but kept brows and lashes.

I only heard of 4 ladies who kept most of their hair. 

I have decided to give cap a go but am at least prepared now for it not to be a 100% successful. 

I wish you well and I truly understand your dilemma. xx

To all firstly thanks very much for all input much appreciated… I have just returned from hairdressers had my middle of back length hair cut to jaw line!! I thought if I could cope with this and all those around me got used to it I would be able to go ahead with chemo… At mo I’m hiding in room with hat on no one seen it yet.
Best wishes to all from no1penguinfan having serious hissy fit!!!