long lasting ses

hi everyone,

my whole body aches, even my feet!!! I finished tax 29th april had 6 of them, at the moment i dont feel as bad as i did whilst actually receiving the poison, but i am having good and bad days, on a bad day i ache all over, i dont seem to have much of an appetite, and feel low almost to the point of depressed, my fingernails are horrendous i have lost 2 with possibly the rest apart from the thumb nails not too far behind, as anyone else found they thought finish chemo and feel ok immediately to find that wasnt the case?

best wishes liz xx

Hi Liz
Yes, I did! I finished chemo nearly 3 years ago and thought I’d bounce right back once the last one was over. But it took me a good few weeks, maybe months. I almost feel like my body braced itself for the onslaught during chemo and then just collapsed (not literally!) after. It took a while for my nails to get to a good state as they still have the chemo effect until that grows out, and this was on FEC which doesn’t damage your nails as such. Don’t get too down but maybe speak to the helpline on here? Also there is another thread (somewhere) that was started not long ago about how did you feel after chemo. I’ve just found the thread in the ‘After treatment has finished section’ , called ‘when do we really feel better’ (hence this edited post, so I could add the right place)
Good Luck - at least the chemo is done with, which is a good thing
ps I also saw your post about heart failure but haven’t read it in full. I have suffered palpitations ever since chemo stopped and, although I used to get them from time to time before chemo they are now part of my life - unfortunately. I am on medication for them which stops them so there is something to be done about them but they really did get me down until I got them sorted. They also were a direct cause of chemo rather than menopause, which can also cause them, or atrial fibrillation to give them their correct term. Please PM me if you want more info - I read ALOT about it at the time!

Hi Liz
if you had your last tax on 29 April, that makes you still a chemo patient until about 20 May, if you had 3 week cycles. So you’ve only really just finished. As you say, chemo is serious stuff - a poison - and it takes some time for the body to recover. I finished chemo in December, then had rads. Was moaning to my GP recently about feeling so tired, achey and down and he said to give myself a good year to recuperate.
Be kind to yourself!
Lilac x

I finished chemo exactly 4 years ago and I still have no eyebrows and some peripheral neuropathy in fingers and toes.Otherwise been normalish for about 18 months-you may have a way to go :slight_smile:
Good Luck