Long sleeved tops-any good ones for summer?

I’m posting what seems like a trivial aspect of having lymphoedema, but is driving me mad! Every pretty floaty top I find this year seems to have 3/4 length sleeves, just wondering if anyone had found any nice longer ones and would share any good buys?

Mine started last september, so I missed the hottest part of the summer last year. It is mild and apart from a recent cellulitus incident following surgery, it is generally manageable and not noticeable. It is the sleeve and mainly glove that attract the attention from everyone, including all the kids I teach. I do wear them every day, and always have long sleeves, unless I’m at a do or night out-‘beige sand’ or whatever they call it doesn’t accessorize my sleeveless outfits too well!
I am hoping the swelling around my breast is post-surgery,and will respond to the MLD and go down as things settle, but waiting to see…
Anyway, I am going on and losing the thread. I was hoping because it seems to be behaving that I could get awy without sleeve/glove for part of the summer, but my lymphoedema nurse stressed the importance of keeping then on to control things (I think I knew that really, just hoping…!), and already I am finding the heat a problem,and not having too much luck with finding thin longer sleeved tops. I’m trawling the High street again soon, will share any good finds.
Any ideas, or other tips for the heat would be appreciated, many thanks.

I’ve recently been out shopping. I am lucky in that I don’t have lymphodema but I am at risk so also keen to keep my arms protected from the sun and bites etc.

I have seen a lot of what I think I called boleros or shrugs and some in very light material. Basically they have long sleeves, tie in the middle but unlike a cardigan only come to under the bust or around the midriff. Some are more like cardigans but some are very light. I think I’ve seen them in places like Wallis, Calico, Monsoon, M& S but lots of other places. I found cheaper ones in an independent clothes shop . They had very light, thin material ones in a full spectrum of colours. You could perhaps wear one with a sleeveless T-shirt to keep cooler?
On some makes the sleeves are a bit tight but they do vary.

Elinda x

Thanks Elinda45
They sound good-will keep my eye out when shopping. Be good to wear some of those strappy tops-that I look at longingly!- with one over the top.
C x

hi, ive bought myself a couple of long sleeved waterfall edge to edge cardigans which are very lightweight and stretchy on the arms (viscose ) so my summer wear this year will consist of sleeveless top and cardi… Mizzy

Hi Everyone, I’m always out looking for tops with three quarter or long sleeves. It’s just that my arms are scrawny and horrid, so I’d wear them anyway! They are becoming increasingly difficult to find because of the summer months, but I just wander from shop to shop and usually manage to get something. House of Fraser and Debenhams usually have quite a lot and these little shrugs are a godsend. Good luck and happy shopping. Dianne x

Hi everyone - slightly away from long-sleeved tops. Just bought a “dressy” dress from Matalan that has long, gathered sleeves and is a fine crepe fabric… If you go onto the site and select occasion dresses it shows up as baby doll dress £30. It is a kind of mink colour but the decoration on it is lovely. Unfortunately I am having to return it as still having rads and boob is very swollen and could not get into it, although may order next size from internet. Hope this may be of some help to someone! Marli

Hi Everyone
I had a quick look today, and intend to have another one tomorrow armed with these ideas, thanks. I like the sound of the dress Marli, really hard to find dresses with sleeves come summer. Zara had a few long sleeved tops, and if you can waer 3/4 there were loads of them. My glove looks odd with them, but bought one anyway-I’m going to ask my mum to help me lengthen the sleeves in some way! After today’s forcast for the weekend, I’m starting to think the heat may be less of a problem than I thought!
c x