Long term nerve pain and treatment?

I’ve just started taking pregabalin for chronic nerve pain. For the first week the effect on pain was dramatic - its been as though someone turned off a switch. But, the side effects are not easy - I feel like I’m in a drunken stupor and sick. These have improved but not to the extent that I feel like I can function very well. Just wondered if anyone else has been on this medication and how they fared?

Thanks, Rattles






I have nerve problems particularly in my hands and feet. Im going to try acupuncture and have a consulatation on Friday. I have heard that medication  does have these types of side effects.

I was initially on Amitriptyline for nerve damage to my upper arm, my GP later tried me on Pregabalin but I felt very, very lethargic on it so opted to return to Amitriptyline. Area still a bit sore, feels like I have a really bad graze and taken the skin off.

I’ve been in pain since chemo 2 years ago which has been “diagnosed” as fibromyalgia, but I’ve been told neuropathy can sometimes be achey and weakness rather than just the pins and needles/loss of feelings in hands and feet. As well as codeine, I’ve been on duloxetine and hasn’t realised how effective it was until I tried coming off it and all the pain returned. I think its less ‘groggy’ than pregabalin - maybe something to ask your gp about.

Hi Rattles,
I took Amytriptyline for a while re nerve pain. Found it worked on pain but also made me sleep for ages overnight and I’d feel a bit dopey during part of the day.
Thankfully nerve pain went after a while and has been fine for a few months now.
Have you thought about seeing if acupuncture may help?

Thanks to all for your suggestions - I’d given up of hearing from anyone! Though I’m sorry to hear of the experiences of others as and the limited options. I’m on week 5 of taking Pregabalin. Its got easier. I’m drinking at least twice as much caffeine a day, but I sleep easily and its hard to focus and concentrate. The plan is to take them for 3 months, and then reduce. Its been very effective at reducing the pain - I woke up two days ago and was wondering what felt different - I could feel the sensation of my sheet against my arms.


I’d try acupuncture but I’m not sure how helpful it would be - I’ve been unlucky in that I’ve had a few complications and I’m not sure that anything topical would help. I use patches and find in combination with the medication, the pain is manageable. I’m doing more and walking and moving more. I just feel very drunk! I’ve also had a menthol cream which I’ve not yet tried.


I hope hearing from my experience will help you as much as hearing from you has helped me.


Thanks again, Rattles x