LONG wait for Lipomodelling

I’m on the waiting list for Lipomodelling at Worthing Hospital. On Thursday I spoke to the Consultant’s secretary as I was wondering about likely timescales etc only to be told that there are people who went on the list in the early part of 2008 who are still waiting!!

I am so very disappointed to hear that as I was only added to the list in February of this year. Looks like it’s going to be a long wait for me.



Don’t get it - the maximum wait time on the NHS is 18 weeks, they cannot make you wait longer than that.

Have you explored going private or out of area? You could get a referral on the NHS out of area if you want things to happen.

I read about you ages ago, I am so sorry you are still waiting, I assumed that it had all happened and was done with (started anyway) and that’s why you hadn’t been on here much.

7 months is ridiculous - it’s shabby. Can your GP intervene?


I can’t afford to go Private and have no health insurance. I have been referred to get this done out of area at the only hospital in the country that seems to do it!!!