longest week ever!

Hi folks. I have officially run out of things to keep me busy. I had an u/s, mammogram and a core biopsy last friday and I get results this friday. I have tried to keep super busy and not worry too much but it isn’t easy is it? Big hugs to everyone else playing the waiting games because this is the hardest thing ive ever been through x

I’ve been there, a day feels like a week. Try hard not to over think every possibility(as I did). Once you get the results you are on a roller coaster so try to enjoy being in limbo land. Hopefully you will have good news and be able to put this behind you. If it’s not so good get straight back on the forum and you will get so much support. Advice given to me by bcn was to stick to this site so that you don’t scare yourself with unsubstantiated tales of woe. Big hugs for Friday and thinking of you. Xx

No, not easy at all :frowning: Not a great time, waiting.
Sending best wishes to you.

Thanks Dollie! You are right about the roller coster. Right at this minute I feel like im in the queue for the big one at Blackpool!

Good way to describe that sick scared feeling will use that I think lol I am right behind you in that cue as well x

I’m playing the game ! Waiting for my mums results I’m worried sick ad can’t stop crying

Hi mummyjass as you will see I was in the terrible place of waiting, however it is such a relief when you know what treatment you hv to hv and can get going. Be patient with your mum her thoughts and emotions will be all over the place. I have started some treatment so anything can help with do ask I hv found these forums fantastic in the last few weeks and as the advise given is stay away from other sites this is a great source of information here. Good luck if you or your mum got any questions everyone on here great ! X