Looking for a New Job

Just after some advice really …
I am thinking of looking for a new job. I stay where I am because should the worst happen I will get a death in service payment of twice my annual salary. Unfortunately I don’t have any sort of life insurance policy.
I would want another job that has a similar clause, but wonder how this subject could be broached at interview without putting a prospective employer off completely! I was thinking of maybe asking about benefits and then saying “what about such things as pensions, death in service”. What do you think?
Isn’t it sad that this is such a contributing factor to finding another job?
I don’t plan on telling a prospective employer about my health history unless I am asked directly. Do you think this would be considered as withholding information and could I possibly get sacked for it at a later date? I am a very private person and most people don’t know anything about my diagnosis - and that’s the way I like to keep it.
I would be interested to know what others think about this.

I would think that asking in a sentence about pensions and other benefits would be fine. If pensions etc are’t mentioned in the advert, then they would be surprised if you didn’t ask.
I don’t think that they can sack you for not telling them about your history. I thought that BC was covered under disability discrimination, so if they did, you would take them to a tribunal and win. However, they may be able to get rid of you in another way.
Some work-based insurances (critical illness where I work) have exclusions for pre-existing conditions, but other (like my new Bupa cover) don’t, so you may want to check the details of any death in service benefit.
I hope you find a god job soon (and don’t need the insurances).

Perhaps you could google to find out the benefits for working for a particular company if its a large enough company they may have this info online… Eg i work for the nhs and their info is freely available on the web.

Good luck