Looking for advice on asking to be reffered a second time.

Hi everyone!

I’m 28 years old and Early December last year I was reffered to the Breast clinic with a lump at the top of my right breast. I had an ultrasound and was told I had a fibrocystic breast. During the scan the sonographer was a little hesitant at places and said if it was anything it might be too small to see which didn’t exactly set my mind at ease !

I’v had no follow up I was told if there there is change to come back. Now the lump to me feels harder and bigger aswell as a hard tender lump that has appeared at the bottom of my breast and I think my nipple is pinching slightly. My right breast is now significantly bigger than my left and I’m very small chested anyway so wearing a bra is very uncomfortable as it’s cutting into the right side ! My question is does this sound typical of fibrocystic breasts or should I be back at the GP ? Last time I felt very rushed through the clinic and a bit like I was wasting their time , maybe because I’m younger but It’s made me hesitant to go back !

Thanks so much for reading that small essay and I’d be so greatful for any advice :slight_smile:

Hi Countrypig,
It most likely is nothing serious, but you do need a definite answer to this, especially as you’ve noticed some more changes.
Go back to your gp & say what you have here, you are not wasting anyone’s time & it is unfortunate that you were made to feel the way you did. You do need an answer to this otherwise it will play on your mind.
ann x



Absolutely agree with ann, go back to your GP and get it checked out for your own peace of mind xxx

Thank you both for taking the time to reply! I’m going to call the GP and make another appointment. Hopefully get something for tomorrow and get the ball rolling again, I don’t think i’v ever had such an anxious wait as the one for the breast clinic !
Secondary question, can I request a mammogram whilst I’m there , last time all I had was the ultrasound and didn’t make me feel very reassured .

Hi Countrypig,
By all means ask, however, my understanding is that mammos are not necessarily as accurate as a diagnostic tool for young women. If it’s clear what it is on ultrasound, a mammo won’t necessarily be done.
An MRI scan is a possibility if it’s not clear what it is, as this is better diagnostically for younger women.
Additionally, if it’s not clear, a biopsy of the area maybe done, but this does not necessarily mean it’s bc if it is done.
So do ask, as after your initial experience you will need all of this clarified for your own piece of mind.
ann x

Thank you so much for your replies.

I went back to the gp today and she had a feel but wouldn’t refer me back to breast clinic as she said there was nothing else they could do and she isn’t concerned from what she could feel? I feel totally fobbed off again but Maybe I just need to accept they aren’t concerned and leave it for now .

Hi I am 33 with the same symptoms as you! I saw my gp in Feb who couldn’t find anything and left me like that. Last week I saw another who found two lumps and referred me to the breast clinic, my appointment is next Wednesday and it feels like ages away! Maybe just go back again and don’t be afraid of being too pushy as I wish I had been more pushy as I now feel if it is something bad it’s been there a long time!! Hope you get some peace of mind soon x