Looking for advice Still not convinced with what my doc is saying

Hi I’m looking for some advice I’ve noticed a few changes to my right breast over the last few weeks… My areola has got bigger & it looks a bit puffy at times, my nipple gets a little sensitive & stings I’ve got little red “bug like bite” at the inner side of the breast - the next part may sound silly but when i get the Chill’s the hair follicles stand on end & are extremely noticeable but when it goes away. My nipples are sometimes different colours but then can be the same colour… I have been to my doc 2x and he’s examined me & said my Breasts look healthy but i was still so worried so he referred me to the breast clinic at the hospital & the breast doc said the same thing that I’ve nothing to worry about & that he thinks i may need therapy due to me still not being happy with what they are saying… I’m still totally not convinced & so worried in case they have missed something… Can anyone please give me some advise thanks



Hello and welcome to the forum


From reading your post have you followed up on the suggestion of the breast doctor to perhaps seek some form of counselling/therapy for your anxiety in relation to the issues you are having.  It might be worth going back to your GP and talking to them about what is available to help you?


You dont say how old you are, I wonder if it is perhaps that this is an hormonal change linked to your cycle which you could ask your GP if they think that might be the reason for this.  I thnk like everyone when they get chilled the hair follicles do stand on end and then when we warm up they go back down again.


I hope you do manage to get some support for your anxieties and peace of mind that these changes are normal.



Hi Ladbowler

Thanks for your reply…
I’m 28 yrs old.

I’m mainly worried about the hair follicles as they don’t stand on end on my left breast its only my right round the part when the “bug bite” is.

I do suffer from bad anxiety/panic Attacks and i know that will not be any help to how I’m feeling. When i first noticed the changeds i turned to google & its what i came across that’s making me worry in case they have missed something.

Thanks for the advice.
I have changed some things but its all stuff that i have used before, i fell if i go back toy doctor he’ll think im just wasting his time.

I just feel like what I’m saying no one is taken me serious & its making me go crazy & with my anxiety on top of it, it doesn’t help! My partner has been really supportive but now when i mention it he says that I’ve been checked 3times now & maybe i do need therapy! I understand that maybe the case but my breast defo changed/different.

I just had a check to try find out of there’s is anything different in my soap power or anything and thanks again for listening & giving advice


Yeah its really hard to think of anything else. My docs is a surgery but sometimes it usually only the 1 doctor that’s in but I’ll phone & make an appointment & have a chat xxx

Hi Chaz


I know how you feel.  I have had various symptons all this year since January and have been referred twice already.


My current symptom is breast pain and I have been back to my GP twice with this, the last time being last week, and she is firmly convinced there is nothing wrong!  She has not referred me for this pain.  And I too, am a bit worried that something may have been missed, having not been referred, but she is adamant all is okay!  Even to the extent she was quite harsh last week saying to me…“What can we do to convince you?” and that “Clearly we are not doing our job properly.”  This took me aback a bit as also, like you, I was a bit anxious in going back again thinking they would be getting fed up with me.  And those comments sort of said maybe they are!!


Anyway, I am writing to say, try not to worry.  You have even been to the breast clinic which must be very re-assuring for you.  I just wanted to say that I think maybe now I should try and get on with my life and not to worry about the possibility of something having been missed and keep my fingers crossed that she is right.  I do hope you are able to do that too.  I also suffer from anxiety etc… and it doesn’t help does it.


Good luck and let us know what happens. They are clearly confident that all is fine and that is very encouraging, especially coming from the Breast Clinic.


Take care